10m3 Conical Tanks for Yorkshire Bakery Wastewater Treatment

Enduramaxx 10m3 Conical Tanks for Yorkshire Bakery Wastewater Treatment

10m3 Conical Tanks for Yorkshire Bakery

10m3 Conical Tanks for Yorkshire Bakery – rotationally moulded conical tanks for wastewater settlement customised with fitted flanges.


  • Waterboard taking action with the client for discharging water with high settled and suspended solids readings.
  • Discharge water reading high COD levels from a food production washdown facility discharging 10,000 litres per day
  • Above ground tank storage and pump system to pump water from a collecting tank into a settling tank to allow to settle out.


  • 2x 10m3 (20m3) Conical storage tanks manufactured from high-density polyethene
  • Flanged high-level fill and flanged drain for each tank
  • Flanged fittings for ultrasonic level controls

Key Benefits:

  • Complete product storage system using rotationally moulded tanks and steel support frames
  • Customized fittings to client requirements
  • Quick turnaround meeting client’s timescales for the project
Enduramaxx 10m3 Conical Tanks for Yorkshire Bakery Wastewater Treatment (2)

10m3 Conical Tanks for Yorkshire Bakery Wastewater Treatment

What Is COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)?

Chemical Oxygen Demand COD is an important water quality parameter as it provides an index to assess the effect discharged wastewater will have on the environment.  High COD levels mean more oxidizable organic material which will reduce dissolved oxygen (DO) levels.  A reduction in DO can lead to anaerobic conditions which are harmful to higher aquatic life forms.

What is Settled & Suspended Solids in Wastewater

In wastewater solids including suspended and settled depending on the levels can often be treated in settling tanks.   Suspended solids are small solid particles that often remain in suspension in water due to the motion of the water.  Settleable solids are particles that will settle over time without water movement as their weight by volume is greater than water.

The Enduramaxx Conical Settling Tank Solution

Our industrial conical settling tanks are available from 100 to 30,000 litres with increased wall thickness for liquids of specific gravities of 1.5 SG & 2 SG.  Customization including flanges to mount to pumps, pipework, mixers as well as sockets for level probes.  These plastic tanks are rotationally moulded and from PE and PP for storage of different chemicals and UV stabilised for outside use.

View our range of conical tanks here


About Us

Enduramaxx Limited is a long established in rotational moulding supplying chemical tanks through the UK and Europe.  We are continually focussed on our commitments to our customers to provide the highest levels of service, quality of product and safety.  We offer an extensive range of products manufactured from rainwater tanks, bulk storage tanks, bunded chemical tanks and conical tanks for treatment and settling.  Our ISO 9001, UKAS, WRAS & DWI accreditations ensure we can stand behind our unsurpassed quality and product guarantees offering clients total peace of mind when specifying, sourcing, and installing Enduramaxx products.


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