Industrial Phycology (I-Phyc) chemical free algal technology to remove phosphorous


About I-Phyc

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Industrial Phycology (I-Phyc) are a green solutions company, that harness the power of algae to remove phosphorus, ammonia and other contaminants from tertiary water while locking away carbon and creating sustainable products.
This chemical-free process is a relatively new development in tertiary wastewater treatment and Enduramaxx were very excited at the prospect of working with I-Phyc and their delivery partners.

The Brief

I-Phyc needed treatment tanks as part of their tertiary water process that has specific requirements to allow for the correct mixing of effluent and algae.

The Solution

Enduramaxx is a leading UK manufacturer that design and manufactures an extensive range of quality polyethene products for agricultural, industrial and construction applications. After having a technical conversation regarding the volume, shape and the through-flow, it was decided that the best option would be the conical 6200-litre open top tank, but these would have to be modified.  The I-Phyc Engineering team were able to agree on a design that fulfilled the process requirements.

The Result

I-Phyc’s Phosphorus removal plant at Broadwindsor STW, using an algal treatment that is chemical-free

The I-Phyc team Says:

“Chester and the team were really great to work with, mainly because they are very passionate about what I-Phyc are trying to achieve and nothing was too much trouble – we look forward to a long and collaborative partnership”

Norman Heighway – Engineering Manager at I-Phyc

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