Why are batch treatment plant tanks used?

Batch Treatment Plant Tanks for Wastewater Processes

Batch treatment plants are designed for handling small to medium volumes of batch dumps and for inconsistent flows discharge.   Batch treatment plants are suitable for treating of wastewater that may contain pollutants that require a specific process.

They these types of batch treatment plant are often used for the recovery of metals from processes which can often be reused.

Applications for Batch Treatment Plant Storage Tanks

A batch treatment plant is used in the following processes.

  • Treatment and pre-treatment exhausted chemical concentrate
  • Effluent treatment
  • Flocculation & neutralisation
  • ph. Monitoring, adjustment for pre-treatment of effluent

Batch chemical-physical treatment plant

Chemical-physical treatment plants are used for one-off effluent treatment applications mainly from the end of the process, exhausted chemical and batch dumps which require treatment before disposal.  Chemical physical treatment includes acidification, adsorption, coagulation & neutralisation, flocculation, and sedimentation.

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Enduramaxx Batch Mixer Tanks

Enduramaxx’s batch mixer tanks are a one-piece moulded tank that is resistant to chemicals used in the water treatment industry.    Depending on the application these tanks are available with removable or hinged lids and conical or flat base.

Hinged or Removable Lids

Hinged Lids are manufactured from polyethene and are food grade and chemical resistant.  Designed specifically for applications, these tanks are ideal for batch chemical and mixer mounting systems.

Metal stands are an optional extra for mounting mixers to over the top of the tank.  Corrosion-resistant tank systems provide maximum options for batch mixing, storage, dispensing and material handling. Perfect for batch chemical/mixer mounting systems as well as many other applications.

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Conical or Flat Base Tanks

Batch tanks are available with a conical base for full drain and mixing applications.   Conical or cone bottom tanks are used settlement can case draining issues or address concerns with vortexing in mixing.

The sloped base helps eliminate particulate and these tanks are suitable for food applications, brewery and batch mixing of the product when completely draining the tank is an advantage.

For more information and availability on our batch tanks for wastewater treatment batch treatment plant - please get in touch today on 01778 562810.

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