Ready For a New Process or Mixing Tank? Conical Mixer Tanks

Ready for a new process or mixing tank?  Process tanks and mixing tanks are used in the processing of chemical, liquids and foodstuffs in various ways such as mixing, diluting, neutralizing, flocculating, emulsifying, and batch process mixing and decanting. Industries such as the water industry have applications for clean and wastewater treatment, food process and the construction industry have requirements for custom processor mixing tank with an agitator that ensures that no sediment or sludge is formed on the bottom of the tank.

To avoid chemical reactions between the mixer and the chemical being stored or with foodstuff where the mixer requires food-safe stainless steel with food-grade oil being used, we carefully select the right agitator for the application it’s being used in.  Baffles are fitted to the tank to prevent the unwanted effects of the liquid swirling and to create a top to bottom tank liquid movement to mix the liquid being stored.

Why mixer baffles improve your mixing process – view our article here

As to the mixer tank, there are options whether to have a flat bottom tank or a conical tank to be able to completely empty the tank.

Advantages of Cone Bottom Tanks- view our article here

Our tanks are built for many years of use.  The rotational moulding process we manufacture the tanks from gives a tank which is a one-piece moulded tank without any joints or seams.

Some of the advantages of this mixer tank are.

  • Choice of materials available depending on the liquid being stored – HDPE or PP
  • Cylindrical tanks with baffles prevent dead areas in the tank
  • 1.5 SG or 2 SG rated tanks available
  • Food grade / potable water approved materials
  • Colour options available
  • Customisable with fittings, pipework ad flanges
  • Anti-static and UV stabilised material for inside and outside use
  • Range of frames available, stainless steel for food-grade applications
  • Standard production guarantees fast delivery

Ready for a (new) process or mixing tank? For more information, to discuss your requirements or request a free quote – please get in touch today.

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