Correct Ferric Chloride Storage - Bunded & Single Wall Tanks

Correct Ferric Chloride Storage is essential for this chemical as although it is a popular, versatile, cost-effective solution to drinking water treatment, it does present storage challenges.  This chemical needs to be stored in a bunded tank or in a bunded enclosure.

What Is Ferric Chloride?

Ferric Chloride, also known as Iron (III) Chloride, Iron Trichloride and FeCl3, is a mineral hydrate solution.  Ferric chloride is an orange to brown-black solid and slightly soluble in water and when wet it is corrosive to aluminium and most metals – but non-combustible.

What Is Ferric Chloride Used For?

Whilst commonly used as an etching agent during the production of electronic circuit boards is also used in the water industry as a flocculant during wastewater treatment.  Ferric chloride is one most concentrated forms of iron commercially available for drinking water treatment with its unique functions as a reactant to remove impurities from the water acting as a coagulant and flocculent.

Benefits Of Using Ferric Chloride For Water Treatment

Ferric Chloride has the following benefits for drinking water treatment operations:

  • It is extremely effective in removing high and low turbidity
  • Removes colour and discolouration
  • Requires a lower dosage than other sulphate-based coagulants creating a heavier flock that settles faster and works better in cold water
  • Produces higher sludge concentrations meaning decreased sludge disposal costs

Other uses of ferrous chloride in wastewater treatment include:

  • Eliminating sulphide-based odours
  • Reducing arsenic and mercury
  • Adjusting pH

Enduramaxx Ferric Chloride Storage Tanks

Enduarmaxx manufactures a range of storage tanks as single skin or double-walled bunded tanks up to 30,000 litres. These tanks can be fitted with fill pipes, flanges and level gauges to suit existing pipework and tanker filling requirements.

For more details for correct ferric chloride storage, pricing or availability of storage vessels please get in touch.

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