75m3 Wastewater Tank for Lettuce Washing Plant

Enduramaxx 75m3 Wastewater Tank for Lettuce Washing Plant

75m3 Wastewater Tank for Lettuce Washing Plant

75m3 Wastewater Tank for Lettuce Washing Plant – Rotationally moulded wastewater tanks, customised with fittings and flanges from high-density polyethene for lettuce washing wastewater.


  • Wastewater tanks for sandy water from lettuce washing plant needing to store bulk wastewater before treatment
  • Provide suitable storage tanks to fit within a building and access for cleaning out silt from the wash water.


  • 3 x 25m3 (75m3) Wastewater storage tanks manufactured from high-density polyethene
  • 6” Flanged link pipes
  • 4” Flanged drain flanges for each tank
  • Flanged fittings for ultrasonic level controls
  • Side access for maintenance and silt extraction

Key Benefits:

  • Complete product storage system using rotationally moulded tanks
  • Customized fittings to client requirements
  • Quick turnaround meeting client’s timescales for the project

The Enduramaxx Industrial Water Tank Solution

One of the issues often forgotten about with processing food is that sand and grit found on fruit and vegetables can create problems for food processors not only detrimental wear and abrasion to pumps but on the downstream processes.  The presence of sand and silt within the washing process raises the risk of material settling in existing tanks and you may need an environmental permit or other authorisations if you are discharging to a foul sewer.

Our industrial water tanks available from 50 to 30,000 litres with increased wall thickness for liquids of specific gravities of 1.5 SG – 2 SG can be stored as well as being customised with fittings and flanges to mount to pumps, pipework and side mixers.  These plastic water tanks are rotationally moulded and available in PE and PP for storage of different chemicals and UV stabilised for many years of outside use.  The smooth interior is easy to clean helping resist the growth of algae and bacteria easier to install over traditional heavier mental tanks.

View our range of industrial water tanks here

Customized Equipment Mounting & Pipework

Customised fittings and flanges from BSP inlets and outlets to PN16 and ANSI flanges, welded sockets, and overflow pipework.  Additional vents, liquid level sensor assemblies, fill pipes and suction pipes are available terminating in BSP and flanged connections. Bolt down feet is available to bolt the tank in place.

Welded plastic stub flange with galvanised steel backing ring provides a highly rigid connection that is common to most piping systems with a loose backing ring to provide easy bolt alignment.  Side access manways are available to be fitted to allow access to the tanks for cleaning and maintenance with mixer hatches for centre mounting for mixers and agitators which are often used to prevent settlement of silt in the tanks.

For more details on a process water tank or how we helped this client with 75m3 Wastewater Tank for Lettuce Washing Plant, please get in touch today on 01778 301518.

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