Large Tanks for Rainwater, Wastewater, Sludge & Chemical Storage

Large plastic water tanks have many applications. We use them for irrigation, aquaculture, storing industrial chemicals and sludge, dealing with wastewater, supplying potable water to shows and many other uses.

Large Plastic Water Tanks

Just as there are many different uses for large plastic tanks, so we manufacture many different shapes and sizes of plastic tanks, using different materials according to need. The capacities of our tanks range from 50 litres to the large 30,000-litre tanks. The large plastic tanks can be 4000mm in diameter by 3900mm tall.

They come in flat-based, cone-bottomed, square, round styles. They may have lids or be open, they may have frames or be free-standing. – and of course, there is the pipework, valves, sieves and other fittings to be considered.

Enduramaxx rotationally moulded tanks are manufactured at our factory In Lincolnshire. The process of rotational moulding involves heating a hollow mould filled with a shot weight of the polymer. This is slowly rotated. The heated and therefore soft polymer sticks to the walls of the mould, and as it rotates any sagging or deformation is smoothed out.

Once the plastic has taken shape, the mould is taken out of the oven, cooled and removed to reveal the final product. The process can take anything from 20 minutes to over three hours, depending on the size and wall thickness of the finished tank.

View a short video of a rotational moulding oven in action below.



A Range of Tanks  

Enduramaxx have large tanks for rainwater, wastewater, sludge & chemical storage are suitable for many different situations:

  • Large plastic tanks for rainwater harvesting
  • Potable drinking water
  • Fertilizer storage
  • Large plastic chemical tanks
  • Large sludge tanks

Large Plastic Tanks for Rainwater Harvesting

Harvesting rainwater makes good commercial sense and our tanks are designed to give long-lasting storage facilities. They are quick to install, and once there you have the knowledge that should there be a water shortage you have a supply to keep you going.

Our vertical rainwater storage tanks have capacities of up to 30,000 litres. Some of the tanks are portable and they are adaptable to your specific needs, with fittings as required. Rainwater has many uses – irrigation, cleaning machinery and flushing toilets are just some examples.

Large plastic tanks for rainwater harvesting

Potable Drinking Water

Our large plastic drinking water tanks for potable water are manufactured from WRAS approved polymer. (WRAS stands for the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. The certification shows that the product complies with the high standards set by the water authority.)

Our potable water tank is made from rotationally moulded plastic which has a smooth inner surface and that makes cleaning it easy. These tanks can transport potable water to sites for shows, and act as a backup in times of water shortages – and water is becoming increasingly vulnerable to climate change.

Insulated and fluid category 5 tanks are available here

Fertilizer Storage Tanks

Enduramxx large plastic tanks for fertilizer storage have thicker walls for heavy usage. They can be used for storing .fertilizers, chemicals and molasses. You can see our range here.

Large Plastic Chemical Tanks

Our tanks are tough! You can store chemicals such as Sulphuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Nitric acid, Sodium hypochlorite, Sodium hydroxide, Ammonia solution, Ferric sulphate and chloride, Aluminium sulphate, Polymers and PAC.

The non-chemical reactive moulded plastic walls are extra thick to contain liquids with SG of 1.5 – 2 SG in them safely. They come in various sizes up to 30,000-litre capacity. We have a large range of fittings you can add: outlets, pipework and PN16 flanges and access with top hatches, side access and ladders to suit each chemical storage tank project.

Large plastic chemical tanks

Large Sludge Tanks

Large effluent sludge settlement tanks are available from either Polypropylene or High-Density Polyethylene, depending upon your requirements. These tanks are a key part of operations in a wastewater treatment plant used for storage of raw effluent, treated effluent, final effluent, raw sewage and sewage sludge.

Large sludge tanks are also used in small sewage treatment plants, for concentrating food and agricultural waste for anaerobic digestion, for the removal of grit and the concentration of apple mulch after cider fermentation. The sludge often not only contains muddy viscous fluids but also pathogens, heavy metals and chemicals from industrial plants.

The sludge tank stores the sludge after it has been removed from the wastewater treatment system, settle out the sludge further so more water can be recovered and further digest the sludge before disposing of it. Some large sludge tanks have aeration and mixing fixtures to aid digestion of the sludge that has accumulated. The sludge can be disposed of or further concentrated by a process of decanting. The sludge is part-dried and then disposed of.

Sludge treatment can be demanding, needing thorough separating, then filtering and purifying the water while disposing of the solids in a safe manner. Our conical tanks can be a central component of wastewater treatment and treatment for the consent to discharge.

Enduramaxx Large Conical Cone Bottom Tanks

Large Cone Tanks

Large cone tanks have a number of uses. The fact that you can drain them completely makes them ideal for many large tank storage purposes. The outlet, at the bottom of the cone, means that all the contents can be drained off. You can also filter off parts of the contents and you have excellent control of the wastewater treatment process.

The rotationally moulded plastic large cone tanks with their seamfree, smooth surfaces, make cleaning them easy, knowing that all the contents have been discharged, and any chemicals that you use to clean the tank can also be completely drained away. This has clear advantages for food production, manufacturing and waste management applications.

Enduramaxxlarge cone tanks are versatile you can choose an inner slope of 5, 15, 30, 45 and 60-degrees. The steeper angle has proved to be more efficient in removing solids from the base of the cone. These are available as open-top cone tanks for settlement applications.

Our large cone bottom tanks can be supplied with a heavy-duty galvanised steel support frame. They can be lidded – or not. Fittings can be provided to suit just about every circumstance.

Enduramaxx – The Large Plastic Tank Manufacturer

Enduramxx manufactures a huge range of large plastic tanks. They include the WRAS approved tanks for potable water storage to a heavy-duty range of tanks with thickened walls for sludge or chemical treatment. Other tanks in our range include a wide range of mixing tanks, bund tanks, small water storage tanks, water butts and underground water tanks for irrigation and rainwater harvesting.

Together with an exhaustive range of fittings and accessories, Enduramaxx can supply you with the ideal plastic tanks for your need. To discuss your requirements further for large tanks for rainwater, wastewater, sludge & chemical storage – please give us a ring on 01778 562810.

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