Enduramaxx Water Treatment Tanks: Our Core Products

Enduramaxx now lists its water treatment mixer, storage, and treatment tank range online, including chemical dosing tanks and clarification tanks, to make selecting products for chemical dosing and storage as well water treatment systems as easy as possible.

Enduramaxx’s water treatment tank offer offering includes our bulk storage tanks, conical and settlement tanks, effluent sludge tanks and mixer tanks for chemical, flocculant and polymer make-up.  Our storage tanks are moulded and customised at our factory in Baston, Lincolnshire and our team work closely with our clients to offer the best possible advice and solutions to ensure every project is a success.

Enduramaxx core water treatment tank range includes the following

Here we run over more on applications for these ranges

Bunded Bulk Chemical Tanks For Water Treatment

Enduramaxx Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks for acids, chemical storage, wastewater, and polymer storage. Pipework and flange customisation are available to suit your project. These bunded acid tanks contain a minimum 110% volume of the inner tank. Simply put, a plastic bunded tank is a ‘tank within a tank’ that helps customers conform to current health and safety legislation.  Typical chemicals used in these tanks include sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochloritesodium hydroxide, and ferric sulphate and chlorides,

View our bunded tank range here

Enduramaxx Water Treatment Tanks, Our Core Products (2)

Enduramaxx Water Treatment Tanks, Our Core Products (2)


Effluent Sludge Settlement Tanks up to 30,000 Litres

Effluent Sludge Settlement Tanks are a key part of operations in a wastewater treatment plant used for storage of raw effluent, treated effluent, final effluent, raw sewage, and sewage sludge and can an upright tank or conical tank to aid decanting/cleaning to a system of multiple tanks. The aim of operating a sludge tank is to hold sludge after it has been removed from the wastewater treatment system, settle out sludge further so more water can be recovered and further digest the sludge before disposing of it.  In some instances, aeration and mixing equipment can be included by mechanical and electrical means which aids digestion of the sludge that has accumulated.

View our sludge settlement tank range here

Enduramaxx Water Treatment Tanks, Our Core Products

Enduramaxx Water Treatment Tanks, Our Core Products


Dished Based Solids Settling Tank

Enduramaxx dished base solids settling tanks are mounted on steel frame used extensively for settlement and concentration of difficult materials that form sludge.  This enables liquids to be removed for disposal & recycling through concentration of the sludge in the bottom of the cone.

Examples of uses for dished based solids settling tanks in effluent removal are anaerobic digestion, effluent treatment plants and concentration of apple mulch after cider fermentation.  Available in capacities available up to 30,000 litres – 30m3, the conical base allows complete drainage and easy removal of difficult sludge’s and optional and drainage, decanting/racking ports allow for liquor/effluent removal at different levels and side access for cleaning the tank.

More details on our dished based settling tanks here

Flocculation Tanks for Water Treatment

In simple terms, flocculation is the process by which individual solid particles in liquid clot together into bigger particles known as ‘clots’ or ‘flocs’ which can then be separated off to leave a cleaner and clearer liquid behind.  Conventional coagulation, flocculation or sedimentation practices are essential pre-treatments for a range of water purification systems.  Flocculent chemicals are used in water treatment processes for the removal of unwanted solids and contamination to produce cleaner, safer, and potentially drinkable water. Other applications requiring a coagulation tank include sewage treatment, cheese production, and brewing. It is also used in surface and physical chemistry, biology, and civil engineering.

These takes are available in a variety of sizes – more details on these tanks here

Enduramaxx Water Treatment Tanks, Our Core Products (4)

Conical Batch Mixing Tank

Out conical Batch Mixing Tank with full drain base for chemical mixing and food mixing are manufactured using food-grade, UV stabilised polyethene.  Designed specifically for indoor applications these tanks are ideal for batch chemical and mixer mounting systems and mixer stands are available.  These long-lasting, corrosion-resistant open-top plastic tanks and mixing tanks provide maximum options for batch mixing, storage, dispensing & material handling. Choice of lids and mixer mounts are available depending on your mixing application.

View our range of batch tanks 400-1500 litres here

Chemical Tank & Bund Tanks

Chemical tank and are available with bunds which are larger than the volume of the chemical tank it is holding so they can contain the full contents of the tanks if it becomes comprised.  Each bund for the chemical tanks is designed to work with the volume of one of our dosing tanks.  For example, the 172702 200 litre tank is designed to stand inside the 172702-Bund 220-litre bund tank which has a volume of 110% of the 200-litre dosing tank.

View our range of chemical tank tanks 50-1500 litres here

Clarifier / Clarification / Settlement Tanks

Primary (mechanical) treatment/Clarification is designed to remove gross, suspended and floating solids from raw sewage. It includes screening or a weir to trap solid objects and sedimentation by gravity to remove suspended solids. This level is sometimes referred to as “mechanical treatment“, although chemicals see Enduramaxx chemical dosing tanks are often used to accelerate the sedimentation process.

Enduramaxx’s Clarifier / Clarification Tanks are used for the continuous mechanised removal of suspended solids or solid particles from a liquid. These plastic tanks, otherwise known as Conical Clarification Tanks or Clarification Cone Bottom Tanks are available in a range of sizes. Clarifier water treatment is part of the primary water treatment process.

View our popular 12,000-litre clarification tank here

Conical Tanks – A Unique Full Drain Solution

Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks provide a unique solution with choices of a 5, 15, 30, 45 and 60-degree cone. This cone angle ensures maximum performance, with even the most vicious liquids not building up inside the tank. The cone tank advantages with the stepper angle of the cone have been tested and proved as most effective for solids settling and solids separation applications.

View our cone tanks 250 – 30,000 litres here

Reagent Mixers / Dosing Make-Up Systems

Reagent Mixers Coagulation Chambers are part of the water treatments primary coagulation stages. In order to increase the level of the flocculation, the reagent must disperse almost instantly through the liquid. In these mixers, the time taken may take from a few seconds to several minutes, to mix effectively.

Enduramaxx Polymer Make-Up & Dosing system mixer tanks for powder polymers provides an economical and effective solution for effluent treatment in process and industrial applications.  Polymers are used in commercial wastewater treatment to help bind together (flocs) suspended solids, producing groups of solids material. Grouping the solids together like this allows for the removal and easier treatment of the wastewater. Enduramaxx provides other equipment to help separate the solids from the liquid, such as conical settlement tanks3 stage mixing tanks and dosing tanks and bunds.

Industrial Process Water Tanks

Industrial Process Water Tanks are used in industry, manufacturing processes, power generation and similar applications. Examples of process water system installations include

  • pharmaceutical& cosmetics industries
  • • food & beverage industries for purification for water for the production of food and drink
  • Contaminant removal systems for the wastewater produced.
  • Chemical industries for cooling tower systems, makeup water and blowdown treatment systems
  • The automotive industry where significant demand for process water for production and cleaning.

Our range of industrial water tanks up to 30,000 litres here

The Enduramaxx’s Water Treatment Tank Advantage

For more details on Enduramaxx’s water treatment tanks and associated products please get in touch.  We have persons able to help you source the correct tank for your application and able to supply many products from our large stock holding of tanks.

View Our Range Of Water Tanks

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