3 Of The Best Water Storage Tanks

If you’re looking for the best water storage tanks, it can be hard to make a decision with so much choice and with new uses for tanks such as potable drinking water, increases in rainwater harvesting as well as other applications such as chemical and industrial water process storage.  Read on as we look at 3 of the best water storage tanks you can buy below for standard rainwater and agriculture water storage applications which are available.

1. 10,000 Litre Vertical Water Tank

Our 10,000 litres vertical water tank can hold a massive 10,000 litres or 2,200 gallons and can be used for commercial, agriculture as well as irrigation installations.  These rotationally moulded tanks have a ribbed, heavy-duty design which the polymer is UV stabilised for many years of use outside.  These tanks are fitted with a 2” BSP outlet as standard which allows fitting of a valve of suction filter.   Being WRAS approved, these tanks are available for drinking water.

Rainwater filters are available for these tanks which filter out the moss, leaves and twigs which can be washed off roofs.  Flat areas around the top of the tank allow the easy fittings of vales and inlets.  In some applications where water top-up valves are required; you may need to check the water regulations WRAS Fluid Category 5 requirements for water tanks and cisterns connected to the mains water supply.

A heavy-duty industrial and chemical grade tank is available for industrial applications.

If you’re looking for smaller or larger tanks, head over to our website at www.enduramaxx.co.uk where we have water tanks from 50 Litres to 30,000 litres – nearly 6610 gallons.

2. 1,200 Litre Horizontal Water Tank

Our, 1,200-litre horizontal tanks are idea for water bowsers, pressure washer trailers and for livestock water trailers as a truck or trailer mounted tank.   Like our vertical water tanks, these tanks are rotationally moulded from polyethene, them long-lasting and highly durable.   In black and boat blue, the tanks comply with WRAS drinking water standards.  These transport tanks are available as water bowsers on galvanised skid frames or as trailed water bowsers.

View our horizontal water tanks online here which available from 200 litres to 13,000 litres.   If you’re looking at water bowsers or pressure washers – we keep a number of popular units in stock for quick delivery or collection from our factory in Lincolnshire.

3. 4,400 Litre Underground Tank

Can Water Storage Tanks be Buried?  This is a question often asked and the answer is Yes!  However, underground water tanks which are installed underground need to be ribbed and strong enough to support the tank from the ground pressure as the ground will try and crush the tank.  Underground tanks are also available for rainwater harvesting as well as potable drinking water which are both available in sizes from 800 litres to 9500 litres and available with a variety of lids – either a plastic lid for potable water contact or a galvanised lid for rainwater and light traffic areas.

Are You Looking for the Best Water Storage Tanks?

If you are looking for the best water storage tanks for your home, commercial, irrigation or water process storage, we have many more options available online here.  Please get in touch for more details, pricing, and availability.

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