Water Tanks For Pressure Washers: Vertical, Baffled & Trailed

Water tanks for pressures washers are used to give an interrupted supply of water for pressure watering, however not getting this enough water feed from the tank is a common problem among pressure washer users. The tank needs to be level or a little higher than the pressure washer which causes water to flow to the pressure washer by gravity – however, you need to make sure there is a flow of water to the pressure unit before starting the engine.

Water tanks for pressure washers are available in many different styles, here we look at a few types. These rotationally moulded tanks are ideal for agricultural, industrial, commercial and construction applications and if required are available as skid mount, wheelbarrow, or trailer mount versions.

Vertical Rainwater Tanks

Vertical rainwater tanks are often used by farmers for powering pressure washers.  These tanks to have the leaves, moss and sediment filtered out of the water before it goes into the tank.  More details on the rainwater tanks and rainwater filter are available online here.

Horizontal Water Tanks

Horizontal Water Tanks are designed for water transport and water bowsers. These tanks are designed to mount straight to flat surfaces without the need for mounting frames or steel mounting straps. These tanks are available in a range of colours for corporate identity. The optional ball baffle system guarantees fluid stability for safer operation, reducing fuel usage and mechanical wear & tear.

Baffled Water Tanks

Baffled tanks are ideal for water transportation as the baffling is provided by the baffled which go through the tanks. The baffles stop the water sloshing from side to side during transport of the tank. Baffled tanks are ideal for car valets and window cleaners and many other applications.

These tanks are available in horizontal, flat or upright layouts from 400 litres to 1000 litres – more details available here.

Enduramaxx manufactures a range of pressure water bowsers for use on-site, farm and in construction. These are available skid or towable units and as WRAS approved drinking water bowsers if required. When using a pressure washer for vehicle cleaning you must comply with control run-off from vehicle cleaning regulations which more details are available here and mud on the road of the Highways Act 1980

Towable Water Bowsers

Our towable water bowsers are available as site tow or hight way tow bowsers.  These highway tow bowsers are built to meet the highway regulations and are equipped with lights and indicators with an electrical connection like what you would find on other highway going trailers.   Road Towable units have an advantage over our Site Tow Units as they can be pre-filled prior to travel and towed to events or festivals where clean water and/or drinking water is required.

View our towable pressure washer bowsers here

Skid Mounted Pressure Washers

Our skid mounted pressure washer bowsers are very popular as an alternative to a Site Tow Bowser. Fitted with fork pockets for empty lifting, they can quickly and easily be moved from site to site, or around the farm or quarry. Our Skid mounted pressure washer bowsers are delivered ready to go straight to work. With Honda Petrol or Yanma Diesel engines.

Diesel Pressure Washers for Construction

Our heavy-duty Diesel Pressure Washers for Construction Sites are built especially for use within agricultural, industrial, and commercial environments. These portable units are perfect for farms and construction sites. Diesel pressure washers have lower emissions than petrol-powered pressure washers making this ideal for construction sites.

View our pressure washer bowsers for construction here

There are many water tanks for pressures washers and options available- for more details and pricing please get in touch today!

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