Pre-mix Bowsers to Help Increase Sprayer Output

How Pre-mix bowsers to help increase sprayer output – with the cost of sprayers and other farm enquiry on an upward curve partly driven by the sophistication of the technology farmers are looking at ways to improve sprayer output by reducing downtime spent filling and cleaning or on the road.  

Buying an additional sprayer to cover the new ground seasons where spray windows are limited can seem a right option however by increasing fixed costs other ways of increasing output are available in the way of sprayer bowsers. Spray contractors have long used bowsers, and by many switching to liquid fertiliser and taking on more land miles away from their base sprayer bowsers can increase output so by sprayer by up to 25% according to agrochemical manufacturer Syngenta by reducing the time spent filling up. With many farmers looking to bowsers that can allow the chemical solution to be pre-mixed, Enduramaxx offer a range of horizontal tanks which can be mounted onto bale trailers which farmers would have sitting idle at times of the year and the conical tanks which can be fitted with pumps to mixer chemical. Rainwater tanks can be used as a break or sprayer tanks to help save time refilling the bowsers.

With sprayers getting bigger and heavier consideration need to be given to reducing axle weights and the potential to cause soil structure damage during a wet season.  Operators need to consider stability and stopping ability which can be potentially compromised with larger tanks carrying fertiliser rather than water on agricultural trailers.

Enduramaxx Tanks For Pre-Mix Bowsers

To help farmers improve outputs the Enduramaxx horizontal transport tanks are suitable for water and fertiliser and are often used in conjunction with a 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000-litre vertical water tank which can act as a buffer for filling the bowser and take advantage of rainwater harvesting at the same time. These Horizontal Tanks & Bowsers are designed for the transportation of liquid such as water and liquid fertiliser. The tanks are designed to mount onto straight to flat surfaces with a unique pin mounting system without the need of mounting frames or steel mounting straps and are highly impact resistant and easy to fill. The horizontal plastic tanks are WRAS approved for the storage of drinking water (black, boat blue or natural coloured tanks only). These can be used as sprayer tanks or water bowsers for agricultural sprayers with a range of sprayer camlock fittings available to suit your sprayer. The optional Ball Baffle System guarantees fluid stability for safer operation, reducing fuel usage and mechanical wear & tear.

For more details on Pre-mix bowsers to help increase sprayer output and rainwater harvesting and spraying tanks please get in touch today.

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