Brine Storage Tanks Up To 30,000 Litres

Brine Storage Tank Solutions – Sodium chloride & Calcium Chloride brine is used in a variety of industrial applications including auto manufacturers, food processors, municipalities, refineries, commercial laundries, and chemical plants in their operations.  Proper production and storage of brine require a unique combination of features and design.

Bulk salt delivery, brine make-up, and brine storage present several equipment challenges and an efficient tank design and components are required to prevent problems inherent with these demands.

Why Rotationally Moulded Plastic Tanks for Brine Storage?

Fibreglass tanks (GRP) and rotationally moulded PE tanks are the storage tank material options for brine storage. Rotationally moulded polyethene offers the following advantages over fibreglass:

  • Lead times for a poly tank are 1-2 weeks versus up to 6-8 weeks for a fibreglass tank.
  • Polyethene is less prone to damage, is more impact resistant and will have a greater useful life.
  • In general, a PE tank will be 20-30% less than a fibreglass tank. Combined Expertise for a Specialized Solution
  • Better sanitation characteristics for direct food contact – easier to clean and maintain.

View our article on the advantages of full drain conical tanks over vertical tanks here.

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