Tank Branding: A Promise for Life

Tank Branding, A Promise for Life – Storage tanks are designed for many years of use, so what better way to promote your brand than to have it on the side of a storage tank!

Tank Branding for Fertiliser & Molasses Tanks

Fertiliser tanks are used in agriculture for the storage of liquid fertiliser for spraying onto crops to add nutrients to add growing of crops. Many fertiliser and molasses companies look to have their tanks branded to help awareness of the product so looked to Enduramaxx to provide branding which will be on the tank for the duration of the contract with the farmer.  These are sited outside so have been specifically designed to weather the climate and UV sunlight these tanks are exposed to.  These tanks in natural also have the added advantage of being able to see the level of the liquid in the tank as the walls are translucent.

Tank Branding & Colours for Water Tanks

Tank branding for water tanks is often used on fire sprinkler tanks, as branding for the company where the tanks are installed, but also for the hire industry where we can customise colours of water tanks as we as pressure washer bowers to make sure your identity is on site.

Customised Colours for Tank Contents

Many colours are selected for ascetic or for branding reasons, however, tanks colours are chosen for being opaque, will not let light in, for drinking water or chemical which can degrade with UV.  Others prefer tanks that are translucent, to see the level in the contents in the tank, an advantage for fertiliser storage or molasses.   Sometimes colours are used to designate clean water (WRAS, safe to drink) with black or green being used to store wastewater.

Enduramaxx Tank Branding, A Promise for Life

Enduramaxx Storage Tanks

Enduramaxx Ltd is a leading storage tank manufacture specialising int eh the design and manufacturing of rotationally moulded tanks. Based in Peterborough, our tanks are available throughout the UK and Europe through farm merchants, distributors, and water treatment installers. Clients across a wide range of industries use these tanks for the storage of liquids for water and wastewater, chemical, acid and drinks as well as the range of silos and conical tanks for storage of foodstuffs for agriculture, mining, and pharmaceutical purposes.

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