The Craft Brewery Explosion Within The UK

Craft brewery storage tanks – the popularity of craft beers throughout the United Kingdom has resulted in a marked increase in the number of small companies setting up a business in order to satisfy the beer-drinking public’s needs. In fact, the last time that there were as many breweries operating in Britain was over 70 years ago and it is estimated that up to 200 new breweries are opening on our shores annually!

A critical step in the production of beer is obviously the fermentation process which falls towards the end of the production process and normally takes place within a fermentation tank also known as a cone bottom tank.

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Enduratank manufactures a range of food-grade polymer cone bottom tanks ideally suited to the beer industry in sizes ranging from 250 litres to 30,000 litres in capacity. The tanks are rotationally moulded in a single-piece construction with welded outlets to minimise the risk of bacteria around gaskets. Designed for applications requiring settlement or clarification of liquids, Enduratank’s cone tanks, otherwise known as conical or cone bottom tanks, allow for the full drainage of tank contents for quality control and the elimination of particulate. A heavy-duty galvanised frame is available as an optional extra.

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The cone bottoms of the tanks range in angle from 5° through to 60° and include 15°, 30° and 45° options. Our tanks are available with closed or open tops, vented and non-vented lids and can be fitted with racking/draw-off ports.


Remember, whatever your Craft brewery storage tanks requirement: Think Tank Think Enduramaxx.

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