It’s Cider Cider Cider: And Cone Bottom Tanks!

The trees are heaving with fruit and the press and media are buzzing with all things cider this year, more than ever in fact, and that’s down to the increasing popularity of one of the nation’s favourite tipples.

Formed in 1995, The Lambourn Valley Cider Company announced this week that this year it has resumed full production, thanks to this year's bumper apple harvest. Over in Witcombe, the Witcome Cider Festival attracted thousands of revellers who came to sample some of the 50 ciders on offer, as well as catching Tinchy Stryder perform, who was headlining the event. And if we travel North up to Worcestershire, Oldfields Farm at Frith Common won the Guild of Fine Food’s Great Taste Awards three-star accolades for its Orchard Medium Sweet Cider. So everywhere you look there seems to be a cider theme!

And of course, the trend for cider production is felt here at Enduramaxx. As well as producing plastic water tanks and storage tanks for all other forms of agricultural liquid and chemical applications, our cone bottom tanks are helping brewers and cider makers across the country to make some of the country’s favourite drinks. Available in sizes up to 17,000 litres and with conical bottoms in varying degrees, sediments and particles are able to sink to the bottom where they can be drained away, an imperative part of brewing and cider making.

If you’re looking to make or store cider, then get in touch with Enduramaxx to discuss your operations and to find out more about our robust, UV-stabilised polyethylene tanks now!

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