Taking Advantage Of The Wet Summer: Food Safety To Rainwater Harvesting

Although the UK’s wet summer may have affected crops up and down the country, the wet weather is being used to the advantage of food safety through a project run by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB). Led by the Agricultural Development Advisory Service, the project focuses on fungal toxins in cereal crops and aims to arm the food industry with new tools to more efficient test crops and to confirm they are safe to eat.

The toxins, known as mycotixins, are produced by moulds that develop on cereals, especially when wet, something that can have devastating consequences to humans including kidney damage, reproductive disorders and even cancers, according to Farming UK.

Farmers who are rainwater harvesting-savvy will also be benefiting from the wet weather. Excessive rain is most welcome by a growing number of farmers who ensure that roof run-off from large agricultural buildings is not put to waste. Instead, rainwater is collected in large, dedicated rainwater harvesting tanks. Enduramaxx rainwater tanks store volumes of rainwater up to 30,000 litres and because they are made from a very robust, single piece of UV-stabilised polyethylene, rainwater is stored safely and in optimum conditions.

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