Rain Shortage Could Threaten Harvest: Rainwater Harvesting Tanks A Relief

Although the UK was not short of rain throughout the first part of summer, according to Farmers Weekly, rain shortages could foil what was otherwise expected to be a bumper harvest. So far, the 2015 UK harvest season has been one of the best on record. A world record oilseed rape yield was smashed by a farm in Lincolnshire, 50 per cent of winter barley and 35 per cent of OSR is reportedly harvested, and a Shropshire grower has even edged close towards the UK barley yield record.

Although the shortage of rain is enabling farmers to complete their harvests, there’s likely to be widespread water shortage due to carry over-stock and yields doing better than expected, according to Bedfordshire Farmer Brian Shaw.

On-going restrictions to river extraction and expensive mains water supplies have seen a lot of farmers and growers turning to rainwater harvesting. Enduramaxx supplies more and more farmers with dedicated rainwater tanks and by collecting and storing the rainwater run-off from large agricultural buildings, which would otherwise have gone down the drains we can help reduce your reliance on mains water as well as providing both economic and environmental benefits.

Enduramaxx storage tanks are seamlessly rotationally moulded using UV stabilised polyethylene, so huge volumes of up to 30,000 litres of water can be stored at optimum conditions until they are required in growing season, for additional livestock watering and even for cleaning.

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