We spoke last week on the rise of urban farming and how a new portable ‘farm in a box’ system can take ‘the farm’ to the available farming resources. Another interesting development this week is the Ecological Land Cooperative that has revealed an exciting vision of how it wants to develop a series of small farms across England.

The proposal is based on the first cluster of smallholdings at Greenham Reach, Devon, where the co-op is aiming to create 20 sustainable farms over the next five years.

The Ecological Land Co-op’s main aim is to widen the access to land for sustainable usage through the creation of affordable, low-impact smallholdings. The smallholdings are aimed at new entrants to horticulture and mixed farming and are protected for affordability and agricultural use in perpetuity.

The 22-acre Greenham Reach site has been used for three businesses including a barn, track and three residential agricultural dwellings. The smallholdings were offered to three food and herb producers, each operating as a separate business. The smallholdings include the use of a barn, free solar energy and access to a rainwater system, something we are seeing more and more in farming, especially with water restrictions and increasing mains water pricing on the horizon.

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