Norfolk And Suffolk Farmers Water Worry: Rainwater Tanks Can Help

Farmers growing irrigated crops in Norfolk and Suffolk are taking steps to protect their businesses from drought, according to Lynn News. A survey carried out by the NFU reveals that farmers throughout the region are investing in new irrigation equipment, improving water efficiency, changing crops they grow, or investing in more reservoir capacity.

Their actions come after half of the abstractors experienced shortages during 2010 to 2012 dry period and roughly one-third of these saw business profitability fall as a result.

Enduramaxx helps farmers and growers throughout the UK to take control of their water supplies. We do this through the provision of rainwater harvesting solutions. Across most agricultural properties, large building roofs can have their rainwater run-off channelled into dedicated heavy-duty rainwater tanks that store rainwater securely, thanks to a rotationally-moulded design of UV-stabilised polyethylene.

In addition to rainwater harvesting tanks, Enduramaxx also manufactures potable water tanks made to WRAS certification standards, meaning that they are suitable for storing water fit for human consumption.

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