Rainwater Harvesting Tanks: Not Just For UK Farming

As we continue to hear reports of some of the highest levels of rainfall in the UK since records began and predictions for the summer of 2014 to be one of the warmest in history, it’s no wonder that farmers are focusing on the benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks. Add water rate price increases to the equation and the savings become even more apparent.

However, it is not only farmers who are switching on to rainwater harvesting techniques. A landmark £4m investment for the Central London district in Victoria is set to create over 25 hectares of ‘green roofs’ and dramatically improve the capital’s eco-credentials. The ten-year regeneration strategy will create green roof space the size of 30 football pitches and involves a water management scheme whereby harvesting tanks collect rainwater which is then re-purposed to irrigate plants and to top up the mains supply.

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