Cider Season Is Nearly Upon Us: Cone Bottom Tanks At The Ready!

As summer matures, so too do the fruits on the UK’s heaving apple and pear trees. Although Horticulture Week indicates that 2015 will see a slight dip in Europe’s forecast apple and pear harvests, with a 4 per cent dip for apples and 3 for pears, both harvests are still above the average for the last three years. Across the 28 EU member states, 11,974,000 tonnes of apples and 2,343,000 tonnes of pears are estimated to be in production.

However, the demand for apples, in particular, is significantly increasing across the UK, as more and more fashionable cider products are being marketed to segments of all adult ages. This year’s successful Dorchester Cider Festival, one of many of its kind popping up throughout the UK this summer, is verification of the increasing popularity of the tipple.

Enduramaxx is helping more and more cider producers to produce their beverages each year and it is Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks that enable producers to remove the sediment and impurities from their cider production. Manufactured to the same robust standards as other Enduramaxx storage tanks, our cone tanks allow sediment to drain to the bottom of their conical design where it can be drained away from the rest of the product.

Whether you’re a small microbrewery making short batches of specialist cider, or wanting to produce larger volumes, Enduramaxx conical tanks are available in sizes ranging from 250 litres to a huge 17,000 litres. To learn more, get in touch with Enduramaxx now!

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