Microbrewery And Craft Beer Brewers Could Face Hop Shortage

We’ve mentioned how we’re supplying more and more cone bottom tanks to microbreweries and craft brewing companies. This week, the Financial Times reports that the industry could face a challenge in the form of a shortage of hops this year. That’s because the key growing areas in the USA and Europe are experiencing blistering heat, something that is threatening this year’s hop harvest.

Growers across Washington’s Yakima Valley and across parts of Germany and Slovenia are reporting temperatures above 100F, heat that is causing the leaves to wilt. The heatwave comes as growers are increasing their acreage of aroma hops to keep up with demand, driven by an interest in beers made by smaller, independent producers, otherwise referred to as microbrewers.

The heatwave could result in young plants not producing yields and growers with expanded acreage may not have access to water. According to weather consultant, David Streit, hops simply do not like extreme temperatures and with more heat to come in August, more uncertainty is cast over the newer, extended acreage plants.

Although this may affect hop prices, it is unlikely that the demand for craft ales will be dented and we expect to see more and more craft and microbrewery start-ups. To find out more about water tanks and conical tanks for brewing, get in touch with Enduramaxx now!

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