Cross Link Polyethylene Tanks: A New Cost-Effective Solution For The Chemical Industry

With an increased demand for the storage of more aggressive chemicals, ranging in temperature from ambient up to 70°C, it has become accepted that conventional polyethylene tanks are not suitable to meet this new challenge and expensive and heavy steel tanks or costly layered plastic tanks are the only option within the UK. That is, until now.

In association with Matrix Polymers of Northamptonshire, Enduratank, a family-owned and operated quality assured company with a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of rotationally moulded polyethylene storage and processing tanks, have introduced a range of five cross-linked Vertical Tanks in sizes from 1250 litres up to 10000 litres. These tanks are constructed using Revolve XL400 which is a cross-linked polyethylene of exceptional toughness and long term physical properties.

Cross-link polyethylene, X-PE, is a polyethylene material containing additives, usually peroxide based which, when reaching an activation temperature during manufacture, undergo a chemical reaction that causes strong chemical bonds (cross-links) to form. These chemical bonds significantly alter the nature of the material. The material changes from being a thermoplastic into a thermosetting resin with the consequent mechanical and physical properties being far better than any conventional linear low-density polyethylene.

The impact performance of the XL400 (see below graph) is far superior to conventional polyethylene making the tank more resistant and extremely tough during its operating life. An added advantage over steel tanks is that size for size Revolve XL400 are a quarter of the weight thus ensuring easier transportation, handling and installation.

Impact performace graph

For more information on our new Revolve XL400 Vertical Tanks or to discuss your own requirements in our XL400 Cone Bottom Tank range contact us now!

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