Ferric Chloride Tanks And Caustic Soda Tanks For Industry

Ferric Chloride Tanks and Caustic Soda Tanks for Industry - At Enduratank, as one of the UK’s leaders in the field of rotationally moulded high specification polyethene tanks, we are continually striving to come up with innovative solutions and new products on behalf of the market sectors we serve.

Whilst Ferric Chloride and Caustic Soda are widely used across many industrial and chemical environments one of the main users of these chemicals are those involved in the purification and/or treatment of water.

Geographically the world’s largest user of Ferric Chloride (FeCl3) is Western Europe where, mainly due to European legislation regarding clean water standards, it is used to remove impurities in water and also in wastewater treatment where it is one of the few chemicals that can remove odours. Ferric Chloride causes flocculation of small particles within the water which can then be removed.

Water treatment plant

Enduratank’s 1.5SG WRAS approved Industrial Tanks and Bunded Tanks are an ideal storage solution for Ferric Chloride. Additionally, our large range of Cone Tanks (250 litre to 30,000 litre capacities) with a variety of angled cones, are designed to allow flocculation and the easy removal of sediment.

Insulated and bunded tanks

We have selected a number of vertical 1.5SG Industrial Tanks, closed top Bunded Tanks and Chemical Dosing Tanks as suitable storage vessels for storage of Ferric Chloride Tanks and Caustic Soda Tanks for Industry. This inorganic compound begins to crystalise at a temperature of +7°C so it is important to maintain a storage temperature above this level so frequently heating coils are installed within tanks to facilitate this. Dependent upon the location of the storage vessel and the external ambient temperature, this method of temperature regulation can prove costly.

Enduratank’s Bunded and Chemical Dosing Tanks, suitable for Caustic Soda storage, can be supplied with a layer of outer insulation to either reduce the amount of internal temperature regulation required or remove the need for it completely (having full regard to the insulation performance criteria).

Chemical dosing tanks

Within the chemical and water treatment sectors in particular, there is an increased demand for the storage of more aggressive chemicals, ranging in temperature from ambient up to 70°C and it is accepted that conventional polyethene tanks are not suitable to meet this new challenge. In the past, expensive steel tanks or costly layered plastic tanks were the only option but now, with the introduction of Cross Link Polymer Tanks (XLPE), a more cost-effective solution is available.

Cross Link Polymer Tanks

For a polymer tank with an even higher performance than XLPE, our recently introduced Polyvinylidene Fluoride Tanks (PVDF) are specifically designed for harsh chemical or high-temperature environments where a critical performance specification must be met.  PVDF is inert to many aggressive acids and bases up to 140°C and is resistant to abrasion. One of the many benefits of all of our rotationally moulded, one-piece, polymer tanks, particularly when compared to steel tanks, is their cost, weight and ease of installation.

Polyvinylidene Fluoride Tanks

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