Water Tanks For Aquaculture

Enduramaxx Water Tanks for Aquaculture - whilst well known for its tanks throughout the UK’s Agricultural sector, Enduramaxx is less well known within the Aquacultural industry. Defined as underwater agriculture or the cultivation of aquatic plants, fish, molluscs and shellfish in a controlled or natural environment, Aquaculture is predominantly the farming of fish for human consumption or ornamental purposes.

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It can be carried out in salt or freshwater conditions within a natural environment or in tanks.

Tanks for Aquaculture

Enduramaxx’s Water Tanks for Aquaculture include open-top vertical tanks is constructed using rotationally moulded, food-grade, UV stabilised polyethene giving a seamless one-piece construction that is self-supporting and robust. Ideal as stock holding tanks, they are available in a variety of colours and come in many sizes from 100 litres up to 25,000 litres with a 5,000-litre option of a low profile tank which is 2600 mm in diameter and 1500 mm in height. Additionally, Enduratank manufactures two low profile open top cone tanks mounted on galvanised steel frames with a 30° cone. Cone Tanks are available without a frame if required. The 2,500 litre open top cone tank measures 2910 mm in diameter and 1770 mm in height when fitted in a frame (2600 mm x 960 mm high without a frame) and the 8,000 litre open top cone tank measures 2600 mm in diameter and 2551 mm in height when fitted in a frame. Both cone tanks are supplied with a 2” full drain outlet with other outlet sizes available. All our tanks are manufactured at our factory within the UK and come with a 10-year guarantee.

Applications for these tanks include;

Koi tanks
Fish Tanks
Fish Ponds
Fish holding/quarantine Tanks

We are also able to provide bespoke pipework and connections to enable a minimum installation time for heating/filtration and connection to other tanks. Contact us with your requirements or to discuss your needs further with one of our friendly experts.

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