Large Plastic Tanks for Fish, Conical and Flat Base Tanks

As the world population grows and as the cost of fish farming in natural habitats is increasing, so the need for aquaculture hatcheries and fish farming is booming. We are increasingly farming our fish in controlled environments, and the tank is at the centre of our aquaculture systems. Large plastic tanks for fish farming are ideal.

The nature of the polyesters used to mould the large fish tanks means they are corrosive-free, long-lasting and durable. They make it possible to rear the fish and shellfish for human consumption or ornamentation in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Large plastic tanks come in many shapes and sizes to suit every situation.

What to look for in the perfect tank for breeding tilapia and other fish:

Here are some of the features you should look for when searching for the perfect tank:

  • Leakproof
  • Ease to maintain and clean
  • Non-corrosive material
  • Smooth inner surfaces – easy to clean and unlikely to damage the fish
  • Various sizes to suit
  • Tough and long-lasting
  • Ability to set up the necessary axillary equipment

Note that the most commercially important species of fish are migratory. They need to experience temperature and light cycles that mimic their natural environment to spawn successfully.

What to look for in the perfect tank for breeding oysters and shellfish:

Shellfish, scallops and oysters need all of the features needed for breeding fish, with the addition of ultra-clean water, to make them fit for human consumption. Once the oysters have reached the larval stage they change from free-swimming larvae to static “spats”. They attach themselves to s substrate and can no longer swim away from unfavourable conditions.

Conical tanks and cylindrical tanks are particularly suited to larval hatchery work since the debris settles at the bottom and is easy to drain off, and also sieving the larvae is straightforward. As the water is changed, the oyster larva can be examined and graded to size. The tanks are cleaned, refilled and cultured algae added.

Large Aquaculture Tanks

Large aquaculture tanks come in many shapes and sizes. We have circular, rectangular, conical and bespoke tanks. There are tanks on frames for easy access and tanks firmly grounded.

Circular Water Tanks For Aquaculture

Enduramaxx manufacture circular tanks in many sizes and depths, open-top or closed. Our UV stabilised, tough durable polythene tanks are rotationally moulded to give a seam-free and smooth inner surface. These plastic tanks are food-grade and UV stabilised.

Flat-based tanks can be used as small quarantine and laboratory test tanks and for early rearing and the large plastic tanks are ideal as holding tanks. Our tanks range from 110 litres up to large tanks for fish that can hold up to 25,000 litres. There is a 5,000-litre low-profile tank that is 2,600 mm in diameter and only 1,000 mm in height. They even come in a variety of colours.

Conical Tanks For Aquaculture

Conicaltanks are ideal for larval shellfish hatcheries. We can supply conical tanks with or without frames with or without lids and in a range of sizes. The large 8000-litre open-top cone measures 2600 mm in diameter and 2551 mm in height when fitted in a frame. The tanks feature a 2” full drain outlet – but other sizes are available here.

Bespoke And Square Tanks For Aquaculture

These square tanks have large radius corners and you can adjust their working heights. They are available with or without feet, and there are a variety of outlet configurations and screen options,  to suit your needs.  More details here

Enduramaxx Large Plastic Tanks For Fish

Enduramaxx specialises in manufacturing plastic tanks for many purposes, including tanks for the aquaculture of fish and shellfish. All our tanks for fish are made from food-grade, UV stabilised polythene. Their rotationally moulded structure ensures that they are seam-free, robust and leakproof. Our aquaculture tanks include thermal and biosecurity properties, they are shockproof, chemical resistant and easy to clean, thus maintaining the optimal environment for the stock.

We can supply open-topped or closed large aquaculture tanks in a large range of sizes and styles. The large aquaculture tanks are available in sizes up to 30,000 litres.  Circular, conical or square-shaped large plastic tanks are available. The necessary plumbing drains, filters and other accessories can be added as required. Frames and feet can be supplied as needed, giving easy access to the tanks. We even offer a variety of colours – green, black, blue and white. And all Enduramaxx tanks have a 10-year guarantee.

Enduramaxx work with a number of aquaculture consultants. They can provide bespoke pipework and connections according to your specific needs. This cooperation enables us to offer a minimum installation time for heating/filtration and connection to other tanks. So, we can provide all the necessary pipework and connections you will need for heating and filtration. Our experienced in-house engineers and technicians can answer questions you might have, so why not give us a ring on 01778 562810 to discuss your specific requirements.

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