Do You Require A Bespoke Custom Made Tank?

Water storage tanks come in all shapes and sizes. However, at Enduramaxx, we know that sometimes our standard sizes aren’t quite what you’re looking for as every project has individual requirements.

Luckily, we offer custom made plastic water tanks to meet every project’s requirements. So, whether you’re a project manager for a construction firm or a homeowner looking to save 50% of their water bills, our custom tanks can help.

Let’s take a look at the process for building custom holding tanks.

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First things first, have a thorough look through our range of water tanks to check that we don’t already have what you’re looking for. For example, our standard plastic water tanks come in over 30 sizes, in a variety of colours ranging between a 150 litre capacity to 90,000-litre size. If you’re sure there’s nothing in our current range, then it’s time to start thinking about a custom tank.

Some Things To Consider

When designing a water tank from scratch, there are certain things you’ll need to consider. For example, the size you require and space you have available could determine whether your tank will be above ground or underground.

You’ll need to think about the purpose of the water to determine what requirements you need to meet. Tanks designed for drinking water have very particular legal requirements, including BSEN 806-5 for landlords installing water tanks inside a home for human consumption and BS 8558 for the design and maintenance of tanks intended for domestic use. Some of the specifications from these include:

Size – The size needs to be appropriate to the level of use so that the tank’s supply replenishes frequently

Material – Plastic (PET) is the most common material for water tanks as this mitigates the risk of rust caused by elements like steel

Features – They must include safety features like secure fastenings and an overflow vent

Portable or non-portable – Determining whether you will fix your water tank in one place or move it across locations will determine the legal requirements you’ll have to meet

Contact The Team At Enduramaxx

If you’re ready to order your custom made plastic water tanks, then contact the team at Enduramaxx. We can kick off your design process and advise on any elements of your water tank you’re still unsure about.

As a leading custom tank manufacturer, we have plenty of experience in navigating the legal requirements for water tanks, and we can make a bespoke product that meets your design specifications.

For more information, or to get started, contact the team at Enduramaxx today.

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