Plastic Polyethylene Water Tanks: Why Should You Buy One?

Plastic water tanks are an increasingly popular product for storing rainwater and potable water storage as it made from UV-stabilised, food-grade polyethene. Being potable means they are suitable for potable drinking water storage as they comply with WRAS and food safe approvals. These plastic water tanks are available in a range of sizes, from small 50 litres to 30000-litre tanks.

About polyethene water tanks

Polyethene is a tried plastic that will not break down as they are UV stabilised to enable these to be used for internal or for sitting outside. Enduramaxx water tanks come with a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind. WRAS which is the Water Regulations Authority Scheme which is the markets testing house for testing water tanks and fittings for tainting and suitability of water tanks.

Polyethene tank manufacture

Enduramaxx plastic/polyethene water tanks are rotationally moulded. The tank mould is loaded with plastic powder, heated, and bi-rotationally moulded in an oven to melt the tanks.  As the mould heats up the plastic metals and forms the shape of the mould. As the tank cools the tank mould is split into section realise the tank from the mould.  These tanks are one-piece moulds which means that there are no sections or potential weak areas.

View how a tank is made here

The appearance of polyethene tanks

Plastic water tank shapes and sizes vary as tank installations require a different parameter, some require tall narrow tanks whereas others may require shorter fatter tanks.  The strongest profile design is the ribbed tanks which are a positive selling point.

The right tank for you

As you can see, there are many reasons a plastic polyethene water tank may be the best choice for you.  Cost, colour, quality, and ease of installation can make these tanks the right choice for you. Ribbed underground tanks are available for strength for being installed underground.

This full-range of potable water tanks are available online here as well as the rainwater tanks with the optional rainwater harvesting filters to reduce the leaves and sediment entering the tank.

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