Potable Tanks For Drinking Water Storage

With all of the recent talk surrounding water restrictions in farming, from abstraction restrictions, the EU water directive and impending mains water rate rises, we’ve raised the subject of rainwater tanks a great deal, but what about water fit for human consumption?

The Enduramaxx range of potable tanks can store water, including mains water for human consumption, thanks to them being awarded WRAS approval.

The Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme is in effect the conformance mark demonstrating that an item complies with the high standards of the Water Regulations 1999 act. In other words, water stored in Enduramaxx potable tanks is stored in conditions maintaining water to be fit for human consumption. For farming, this might be for usage in times of increased water rate prices, for events and functions and for buildings far from established water infrastructure. As well as farming, Enduramaxx potable tanks lend themselves well to other commercials, domestic, horticultural and industrial environments too.

Enduramaxx potable tanks earn their WRAS certification thanks to their rugged single piece, rotationally-moulded UV-stabilised polyethylene build. Water is stored very safely and is protected from the elements too, providing fresh water for when it is most needed. Potable tanks come in sizes ranging from 500 litres, to a huge 30,000 litre tank, are ribbed for extra strength and an aesthetic design, and are even guaranteed, providing complete peace of mind, regardless of where they are installed.

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