Can Water Storage Tanks be Buried? Underground Tank Options

Can Water Storage Tanks be Buried? This is a question often asked and the answer is Yes!  However, a water tank is going to be installed underground but be ribbed strong enough to support the tank from the ground pressure and the ground which will try and crush the tank. Underground tanks are also available for rainwater harvesting as well as potable drinking water which are both available in sizes from 800 litres to 9500 litres and available with a variety of lids – either a plastic lid for potable water contact or a galvanised lid for rainwater and light traffic areas.

It’s important you know what a water tank needs to make it safe to install underground.

Types of Water Storage Tanks Available

There are two types of water storage tanks that you can purchase. The biggest difference is the structure of the tank. Below is a quick explanation of both styles and what they are best used for.

  1. Above ground water storage tanks – This type of tank is designed to store water above the ground. These tanks are usually in a cylinder shape which allows them to store as much liquid as possible with the smallest footprint.  Horizontal water tanks and slimline are also very popular as these can for areas with low height areas for locating behind walls, sheds and in loft spaces.
  2. Below ground water storage tanks – These tanks require a heavy ribbed design to give the tank extra strength.  These tanks are also designed as a low profile horizontal tanks to save tank being subjected to ground pressures such as a vertical undergoing tank would be subjected to  The horizontal tank design also means that the hole required will be shallower requiring a smaller excavator to dig the hole.

Rainwater Harvesting

Underground tanks can be used for rainwater harvesting. As with all rainwater tanks, filters will be required to removing leaves and moss from the rainwater coming off the roof to save a build-up of sediment in the tank.

Potable Water Storage

Potable Water Approved underground tanks are available for the storage of water intended for livestock and human consumption. As with all potable and mains water storage tanks, the installer will need to check if the installation comes under the requirements of Fluid Category 5 AB Air Gap Break Tank – The installation and use of cold water storage cisterns and sectional tanks connected to the public water supply Regulations 1999. We offer a range of Fluid Category 5 Break Tanks for this instance which have the raised turret, wier and overflow.

Best Water Tank Option for Underground Water Storage

After looking at the two styles of tanks the stronger ribbed design of the underground tank is the only option that can be buried. the pressure of the ground around it.  For more details on the water storage tanks and details on the rainwater and potable water systems available please get in touch today.

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