Water Supply From A Well, Borehole Or Rainwater Tank


Water Supply From A Well, Borehole Or Rainwater Tank – With the advent of water meters and the increasing cost of water, many people are looking at the possibilities of how to use water from a well on their property, as a way of saving money.  Borehole users can extract up to 20,000 liters of water per day, that’s £20 in meter terms! Another great reason to start obtaining water from a borehole or well as opposed to the mains water supply is that, in fact, it uses far less energy to extract water from a well or borehole than it does to obtain fresh, clean drinking water from other sources. Therefore, using a borehole not only costs you less but is also a lot better for our environment.

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If you live in an area with a hosepipe ban you may now want to start using that well on your property that you’ve previously ignored. For others who may live a long way from the nearest water main, extracting water from a borehole or filling a tank from a stream or well is the only way to supply water for their house or farm. For all of these applications, a pump is required.

For small gardens, this water can be stored using a 2500 or 5000-liter water tanks or for larger industrial and farming installations 25,000 litre and 30000-litre tanks.  These tanks can be fitted with mains top valves if required.

Boreholes can provide water for all kinds of applications including drinking water, washing, and irrigation… and best of all, it’s free!   

Enduramaxx works with a number of pump manufacturers and in order to correctly size a pump for you, you will need to gather some information for us – it is important that your measurements are accurate (please don’t guess!)

Please tell us the following:

  • Are you replacing an existing worn out pump? – If yes please provide make, model, voltage, flow-rate & head (these are all usually found on the nameplate on the top or side of the motor.)
  • If you have a borehole or a well, what is its diameter and depth?
  • Is there any existing pipe-work? – If so, what size is the internal diameter of the pipe?
  • How far is it from the well/tank/borehole to the house?
  • Is the ground flat or does it rise between the water source and the house? – If the ground rises, what is the difference in height between the water source and the house?
  • What do you want the pump to do? – e.g fill a tank, irrigate a garden, pressurize a whole house etc
  • Do you have an electrical supply near to where the pump will be?
  • Do you know anything about water quality?

With increasing water costs and concerns about groundwater shortages here in the UK, it makes great sense to consider the use of wells or boreholes to supply clean, naturally filtered water to your domestic or commercial property.

If you would like to discuss your requirements or need help in selecting the best solution for Water Supply From A Well, Borehole Or Rainwater Tank please call us on 01778 562810 to discuss the options or e-mail us using sales@enduramaxx.co.uk.

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