Agricultural Wastewater: Cone Bottom Tanks For Wastewater Settlement

Whatever area of farming you operate in, you clean, clean and clean again and if there’s one commodity in short supply and that needs managing correctly, its water and the litres and litres of wastewater you produce need storing and processing responsibly.

As well as storing wastewater safely and securely, Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks allow for the settlement and subsequent drainage of sediment of agricultural wastewater. Available in 15, 30, 45 and 60-degree conical bottoms, Enduramaxx cone tanks enable farmers to process wastewater in volumes ranging from 250 litres to a huge 17,000 litres. The conical tanks are made from food-grade, UV-stabilised polyethylene and are ribbed for superior strength.

As well as being an effective settlement or sludge clarification tank, Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks also serve as holding tanks, keeping their contents secure and clear from re-entering water supplies until processing. Their rugged design comes in colour, as well as translucent, which enables the level of contents to be seen.

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