Enduraramaxx Rainwater Harvesting Tanks Saving Labour In Malawi

Enduramaxx Water Tanks can be found as far afield as Malawi. Tambala, Malawi in fact; a small hamlet, deep in the rural area with no access to electricity or mains water. With water at a premium in rural areas, people have to walk long distances to wells and rivers. Although the provision of boreholes helps bring clean water closer to home, the task of collecting water is still time-consuming and hard labour.

Three 6000 litre Enduramaxx Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are fed with water by guttering and pipe from the FOMO centre roof which is around 432 metres square, large enough to collect sufficient water throughout the rainy season (being December to April) to be used during the dry season for vegetable production. Some rain does fall between May and November, with October and November being the driest months.

For more information on the Enduramaxx range of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks, please get in touch!

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