Rainwater Harvesting Tanks Taken More Seriously As Part Of Program For Climate Resilience

The Pilot Program for Climate Resistance (PPCR) is a major programme that invests in ways to integrate climate risk and resilience into core development planning across the globe, whilst complementing other on-going activities. Comprising 20 strategic programs for climate resilience under the PPCR, a pipeline of 66 projects and programs has emerged with PPCR grant allocations. So far the sub-committee has approved funding for 32 projects totalling $616 million.

With ten new countries having been invited to join the PPCR, a project of particular interest is a private-sector-funded rainwater harvesting and drip irrigation project for high-value crop production in Cambodia. Having recently detailed how UK farmers are facing tighter water abstraction rules which will affect growers of high-value soft fruit crops also using drip irrigation techniques, we were pleased to learn how the Cambodian project was ensuring that rainwater harvesting, in conjunction with drip irrigation technologies, was positively reducing drought-induced crop failures and improving productivity and income for small-scale farmers.

An increasingly universally embraced the practice, rainwater harvesting helps farmers and growers to control their own water supplies, being less prone to the effects of abstraction regulations and increases in mains water prices. Enduramaxx rainwater harvesting tanks collect the rainwater runoff from large agricultural buildings and store the contents at optimum condition, thanks to a very robust, UV-stabilised, single piece polyethylene design.

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