Farmers Prefer Liquid Fertiliser: Enduramaxx Liquid Fertiliser Tanks

Farmers have been demonstrating a preference for liquid fertiliser, according to Farming UK. Many are finding it to be more efficient, something that has led to a significant increase in investment at BFS Fertiliser Services, the award-winning UK leaders in crop nutrition.

The company has recently installed seven new liquid fertiliser storage tanks at the BFS Fertilisers’ production centre, located in Essex, substantially increasing the company’s on-site storage capacity. The company has also been installing liquid fertiliser tanks on farms throughout the country, as farmers switch from solid to liquid fertiliser, taking advantage of the significant benefits that liquid fertiliser can bring.

Enduramaxx provides a range of liquid fertiliser tanks that enable farmers to store volumes up to 30,000 litres, therefore allowing farmers to bulk-buy and to store pre-mixed liquid fertiliser. Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks are very hard to wear and are made in a one-piece, ribbed, UV-stabilised polyethylene design, so fertiliser is stored in a protective, safe environment.

To learn more about storing liquid fertilizer and for information on the Enduramaxx range of horizontal and vertical storage tanks, get in touch now!

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