Storing Agricultural Wastewater Safely: Enduramaxx Storage Tanks

Farming is often classed as a somewhat ‘thirsty’ industry sector, from livestock to dairy processing, cereal stocks to fruit and plant production, water is used throughout numerous stages of production. Of course, wastewater is invariably produced; something that needs strict management, storage and processing, especially with updates in May this year to the government’s policy on water quality.

Wastewater must be stored correctly, reducing all risks of it entering our waterways and own water supplies. Within dairy farming alone, vast quantities of water are consumed each day for cleaning milk clusters and parlours, with the resulting wastewater requiring storage until it can be processed and then reused for cleaning purposes. In addition to cleaning water, with livestock comes silage, and silage leachate can cause problems on farms. Therefore, it should be contained until it can be purified, in order to keep its high content of organic substances clear from other water supplies.

Enduramaxx cone tanks are the ideal solution for processing and storing many forms of wastewater, thanks to their durable, hard-wearing design. They are ideal for sludge clarification. As solids sink to the bottom, clear water can be extracted from the top in time.

Enduramaxx storage tanks are made using a single, ribbed piece of UV-stabilised polyethylene, therefore, they are extremely rugged, protecting their contents from leakage, spills and from the elements. Enduramaxx storage tanks can keep volumes of wastewater up to 30,000 litres securely stored indefinitely, giving you peace of mind that you are complying with wastewater safety measures.

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