Who Doesn't Love Cider In The Sun? Use Enduramaxx's Tanks To Get A Head-Start On Summer!


If you're involved in professionally brewing cider, you'll know that it's one of the most popular adult beverages on the market. If you want to make sure you get a head-start on summer and can meet incoming demand, be sure to invest in the specialist cider fermentation tanks from Enduramaxx.

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Investing In Polyethylene

Our cider fermentation and brewing tanks are made from polyethylene, which makes them an excellent choice for enterprising breweries that are keen to invest in properly scaling their business. Capital investment into brewing equipment can be prohibitive for some brewers, so it makes sense to invest in equipment you know is going to offer you excellent returns while seamlessly integrating into your existing brewing system.

Why Choose Polyethylene Tanks?

We offer a range of polyethylene tanks to brewers, which carry many different benefits. The first is that they can be up to 80% cheaper than stainless steel tanks. This means you're able to minimise the amount of capital required to invest in your cider production, without needing to sacrifice the quality of your results.

Another key benefit is that our polyethylene brewing tanks are much lighter, which makes manoeuvring them much easier. This allows you to ensure you're able to place them exactly where you want to in your premises without requiring excessive manpower.

Something else to consider is that polyethylene tanks can be made and delivered much faster than stainless steel tanks. If you order a stainless steel tank, you could be looking at a waiting time of five months or more. Our polyethylene tanks, however, can be ordered and delivered in as little as three to four weeks, depending on your requirements.

Our tanks can also be ordered in several different sizes too, to best suit your brewery growth. We offer sizes in increments of between 30 and 15,500 gallons. This means that as your brewery grows, you're better able to invest in the necessary brewing equipment to suit your requirements. Combine this with the relative affordability of polyethylene and you're able to make sure you always have the necessary equipment to facilitate the next stage of your business growth.

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