Containerised Potable Water Wash Water & Recycling

Enduramaxx provides packaged, containerised potable water wash water & recycling systems complete with full electrical ‘fit-out’ to customer requirements.


Packaged, Containerised Potable Water Wash Water & Recycling systems complete with full electrical ‘fit-out’ to customer requirements.  Containerised Potable Water Wash Water & Recycling systems allow the washing of equipment,  plant and machinery in virtually any location. The system will work on closed-loop systems making the most remote installations possible.

These systems can easily be relocated as required should circumstances change in future. Potable water systems can be installed to help boost mains supply pressure for medical, hospital and temporary installations ensuring that the system is completely flexible and future proof.

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Features and benefits:

  • Packaged system ready to ‘plug and play’
  • Work on closed-loop installations
  • Easily relocated


  • Plant hire and equipment washing
  • Agricultural machine and vehicle washing
Wastewater Treatment

Principal disadvantages that might preclude a wholly physical-chemical solution to wastewater treatment are the problems associated with the highly putrescible sludge produced, and the high operating costs of chemical addition. However, much of the current interests in physical-chemical treatment stem from its suitability for treatment under emergency measures; for seasonal applications, to avoid excess wastewater discharges during storm events; and for primary treatment before biological treatment, where the above disadvantages become of lesser impact.

Enduramaxx manufactures a number of tanks for systems and mixers water and wastewater treatment mixing applications, for more details please get in touch.

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