Building Regulations/Planning Applications And The Provision Of Water Tanks For Fire Fighting In Buildings Other Than Dwelling Houses

Many agricultural properties are located in areas away from a mains water supply or suffer from insufficient water pressure to enable the effective fighting of fire. A high percentage of these properties don’t have the benefit of a borehole, a stream, a river or standing water nearby either and are therefore obliged to seek alternative water resources.

Building regulations applicable in England and Wales, in addition to those specifically relating to Scotland, have certain requirements with regards to fire safety and the arrangements which must be in place to assist fire and rescue authorities in the fighting of fires. Both the Scottish Office and HMG have issued a number of Guidance Documents to be read in conjunction with the relevant building regulations and we shall limit ourselves to those concerned with Statutory guidance contained within Approved Document B (fire safety) Volume 2: buildings other than dwelling houses (as amended 2010 & 2013). The contents of this document are mirrored by that issued in Scotland.

Section 15 of Approved Document B deals with Fire Mains and Hydrants and subsection 15.8 specifically states,

“Where no piped water supply is available, or there is insufficient pressure and flow in the water main, or an alternative arrangement is proposed, the alternative source of supply should be provided in accordance with the following recommendations:

  • a charged static water tank of at least 45,000 litres capacity; or
  • a spring, river, canal  or pond capable of providing or storing at least 45,000 litres of water at all times of the year, to which access, space and a hard standing are available for a pumping appliance;  or
  • any other means of providing a water supply for fire-fighting operations considered appropriate by the fire and rescue authority”.

Water tank range

Enduratank manufactures a large range of rotationally moulded, one-piece, medium density polyethene water storage tanks at its factory in Lincolnshire. These tanks range in size from 150 litres up to 30,000 litres and by simply linking tanks together the capacity can be increased to 40,000, 50,000 or 60,000 litres, or whatever the individual requirement may be.

Vertical water tanks installed

Simple and quick to install and available in a range of colours with the option of low profile tanks and insulated tanks if required, we are sure that we have the solution which will enable you to meet the requirements as outlined within the guidance documents.

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