Buying A Poly Horizontal Transport Tank: Buyers Guide to Horizontal Tanks

Buying A Poly Horizontal Transport Tank for your truck or sprayer bowser can seem like hard work. In fact, there is a lot to consider. However, the decision process does not have to be difficult. We have put together a complete buyers guide that includes helpful tips about choosing the right design and choosing the correct colour. In this article, you will also discover 3 must-haves for a horizontal tank that you may have overlooked.

Choosing the Right Design Tank:

Having the right horizontal tank design will help you manage the liquid better. There are two popular designs/shapes of horizontal leg tanks to choose from.

    1. Flat Bottom Design: These horizontal transport tanks have a flat base. They are mounted directly to the trailer at the base of the tank. These are mostly used for hauling water where it does not matter if small amounts are left in the tank.
      Flat Bottom Horizontal Tank Drawing.jpg
    2. Sump Bottom Design: These horizontal transport tanks have a sump in the bottom. This design is the most popular choice because 100% of the liquid can be drained from the tank. The shape of the base channels all the liquid to the centre to the sump and must sit on a frame or custom shape trailer bed. These are used for hauling chemical and fertilizer where it is important to drain every drop to avoid mixing 2 different chemicals.Sump Bottom Horizontal Tank Drawing.jpg


Choosing the Right Size Horizontal Tank:

There are many sizes of horizontal leg tanks to pick from. It is important you consider things like how much liquid you need and if you have any weight restrictions.

  • Small Sizes: This includes sizes from 200 – 4,000 Litres.
  • Large Sizes: This includes sizes from 5,000 – 13,000 Litres.

Choosing the Right Colour Tank:

Colour may not seem important until you consider algae growth in the water tank. If you are transporting water, having a colour that will block out the sunlight will save you a lot of trouble.

  • Dark Colours: The most popular dark colour is black. The main reason this is chosen is it will stop algae growth when you are hauling water. Algae needs light to grow. No light coming through the sidewalls means no algae growth.
  • Light Colours: Light colours are often used when algae growth is not an issue and seeing the liquid level from a distance is a must.

3 Must-Haves for a Horizontal Transport Tank:

Once you have chosen the right size, material and colour, I would suggest you consider these three important features that every horizontal leg tank must have.

  1. Thick side-walls: When hauling or transporting heavy liquids, it is important the tank structure is strong enough. Sloshing and liquid movement inside the tank can put a lot of stress on the tank sidewalls.
  2. Durable lid: The last thing you want on a horizontal tank is a lid that pops open when liquid hits it while it is sloshing inside.
  3. Maintenance-free Mounting System: Hoops or bands over the top of a leg tank can be dangerous. When a poly horizontal tank is filled with liquid, it expands a small percentage. This puts extra stress on the tank if it has hoops over the top. When it is empty, the tank shrinks and the hoops come loose.
View our baffle ball test video here

Although Buying A Poly Horizontal Transport Tank can be difficult and there is a lot to consider, when it is all laid out in one complete buyer guide it is simple to make a decision. We trust these tips will help you choose the right type, size and colour horizontal leg tank. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.

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