Horizontal Water Tanks or Transport Tanks? Which one is best?

Horizontal water tanks are ideal for both rainwater, potable water storage for static storage or for use as a transport tank or water bowser.  Horizontal static tanks these are available to meet the widest possible range of uses in rainwater harvesting, water management and other applications such as effluent storage.

Code Static Horizontal Tanks Outlet Lid Dimensions (mm) Retail Price Product Link
17120501 500 Litre Horizontal Static Tank 1.5″ 455 1295 x 840 x 850   Product Link
17121001 1000 Litre Horizontal Static Tank 1.5″ 455 1420 x 1100 x 1060  

Product Link

17121501 1500 Litre Horizontal Static Tank 1.5″ 455 1875 x 1180 x 1200   Product Link
17122001 2000 Litre Horizontal Static Tank 1.5″ 455 1956 x 1299 x 1300   Product Link
17123001 3000 Litre Horizontal Static Tank 2″ 455 2240 x 1460 x 1470   Product Link
17125001 5000 Litre Horizontal Static Tank 2″ 455 2500 x 1700 x 1690   Product link


Horizontal Fluid Category 5 Break Tanks

The installation and use of cold-water storage cisterns and sectional tanks connected to the public water supply must comply with Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 in England and Wales and the technically identical Scottish Water Byelaws. To meet these requirements, Fluid Category 5 Break Tanks must be used in this instance. These plastic tanks are currently available in 6 sizes from 500 litres up to 5,000 litres in Horizontal options.

View Our Horizontal Fluid Category 5 Break Tanks here

Horizontal Effluent Holding Tanks

Our above-ground tanks are available as effluent storage tanks for use with storage of liquid waste from process and range from 1000 litres to 10,000 litres in capacity. These tanks are widely used in the construction, events, and sanitation industries as well as for domestic and commercial applications for the holding of liquid waste and for sewage.

Horizontal Transport Tanks

When looking for water bowsers for construction and agriculture there are three main tank options – steel, fibreglass, and poly.  Many have the perception that polyethene is just ‘plastic’, and often used to be viewed as the less durable of the three materials, however, many users who have used the Enduramaxx transport tanks know the sturdiness and longevity of polyethene transport tanks. We are so confident are Enduramaxx in the longevity of our tanks that we offer a solid 10-year warranty on our transport tanks.

Hardwearing Plastic Potable Water Tanks

Plastic transport tanks are resistant to being used outside as they are UV stabilised and designed for many years of outside use.  These potable water tanks for bowsers, trailers and trucks for events, water tanker hire and dust suppression units. These WRAS Approved potable water tanks have been tested and approved that they do not cause any detrimental effects on the safety or quality of the drinking water.

Trailer Water Tanks – What Types Are Available?

Trailer water tanks or cartage water tanks are used for transporting water on the road, around site or on-farm.  Trailer tanks are available from 200 litres to 13000 litres for mounting on trailers and are generally either available as skid or demount tanks or as trailed tanks on a road or site tow chassis.

Trailer water tanks come in the following versions.

  • Horizontal water tanks – up to 13,000 litres – to be mounted onto a trailer or vehicle bed
  • Horizontal sump tanks – up to 8,000 litres – ideal for fertiliser as the sump allows easy draining of the liquid in the tank as well as cleaning

Applications for Horizontal Trailer Tanks

WRAS Approved Trailer Tanks

These tanks are often used as water tanks and bowsers for events, water tanker hire and dust suppression units.  The horizontal plastic tanks are WRAS approved for the storage of drinking water (black, boat blue or natural coloured tanks).

These plastic WRAS and DWI approved trailer tanks meet the specific requirements of Regulation 31. Regulation 31 ensures that water suppliers, when producing and distributing drinking water, only use products and substances that do not cause any detrimental effects on the safety or quality of the drinking water.

Trailer Tanks for Fertiliser

These horizontal tanks are designed for the transportation of liquid fertiliser for farmers as well as water.  The tanks can take liquids up to 1.5 SG and designed to mount onto straight to flat surfaces using the pin mounting system.   When used as sprayer tanks or water bowsers for agricultural sprayers, we can supply with a sprayer Camlock fitting to suit quick connection your sprayer for filling.  The optional Ball Baffle System guarantees fluid stability for safer operation, reducing fuel usage and mechanical wear & tear.

View our Horizontal Tank Range here

Code Horizontal Tanks Outlet Lid Dimensions (mm) Retail Price Product Link
17100501 500 Litre 1.5″ 355 1190 x 1050 x 530   Product Link
17101001 700 Litre 1.5″ 355 1190 x 1050 x 725   Product Link
17101201 1200 Litre 2″ 455 1920 x 1170 x 820   Product Link
17101501 1500 Litre 2″ 455 1920 x 1170 x 850   Product Link
17102501 2000 Litre 2″ 455 2050 x 1500 x 1100   Product Link
17103001 3000 Litre 2″ 455 2500 x 1700 x 1090   Product Link
17103501 4000 Litre 2″ 455 2500 x 1700 x 1300   Product Link
17103701 5000 Litre 2″ 455 2500 x 1700 x 1690   Product Link
17104001 6000 Litre 2″ 455 3200 x 1850 x 1550   Product Link
17104501 8000 Litre 2″ 455 3200 x 1850 x 2000   Product Link
17105001 10000 Litre 2″ 455 4200 x 1900 x 1800   Product Link

Road Tow Water Bowser Trailers

Horizontal transport tanks are used ion Highway Tow Bowsers that have been built to meet the highway regulations and fitted with lights, indicators, and an electrical connection similar to other highway going trailers.  These road tow water bowsers can be pre-filled prior to travel and towed to events, festivals, or sites where clean water and/or drinking water is required.

View our highway tow bowsers here.


Site Tow Water Bowser Trailers

Our horizontal transport tanks are also used on-site tow water bowsers for sites are used for site applications for water, dust suppression, plant watering and pressure washing.  These are built for site use and with a galvanised frame for many years of use, a pump mounting plate for the fitting of pumps, watering pumps for large gardens, hanging baskets, as well as pressure washers.  These rotationally moulded tanks have internal baffles to reduce the effects of the surge in the tank.

View our site tow bowsers here.


Truck Water Tanks

Enduramaxx manufactures a range of plastic truck water tanks from 400 litres to 13,000 litres.   Our baffled slimline water tanks help utilise space effectively on your vehicle the flat, upright, and horizontal tanks being able to be mounted behind the headboard of your vehicles or mounted on a flat surface.   These truck water tanks are used on vehicles such as toilet cleaning truck, waste tankers, window-cleaning, and water delivery vehicles.  Our lightweight plastic water tank is robust, easy to install and will not rust with a range of BSP outlets and sockets for each application.

Horizontal Tank as Pre-Mix Bowsers 

How Pre-mix bowsers to help increase sprayer output – with the cost of sprayers and other farm enquiry on an upward curve partly driven by the sophistication of the technology farmers are looking at ways to improve sprayer output by reducing downtime spent filling and cleaning or on the road.  Buying an additional sprayer to cover the new ground seasons where spray windows are limited can seem a right option however by increasing fixed costs other ways of the increasing output are available in the way of sprayer bowsers. Spray contractors have long used bowsers, and by many switching to liquid fertiliser and taking on more land miles away from their base sprayer bowsers can increase output so by sprayer by up to 25% according to agrochemical manufacturer Syngenta by reducing the time spent filling up.  With many farmers looking to bowsers which can allow the chemical solution to be pre-mixed, Enduramaxx offer a range of horizontal tanks which can be mounted onto bale trailers which farmers would have sitting idle at times of the year and the conical tanks which can be fitted with pumps to mixer chemical. Rainwater tanks can be used as a break or sprayer tanks to help save time refilling the bowsers. 

View our article on pre-mix sprayer bowsers here 


Horizontal Water Tanks for Sprayer Operators 

Typical trailer designs include a large rear cabinet for chemicals and storage, as well as side lockers for more storage space. Pumps and other more delicate equipment are placed in the rear cabinet whilst hoses are stored neatly above the wheel arches. 

Our range of Demount Bowsers provides a quick and easy way to get fresh water to the location of your choice. The tanks have a large diameter ventilated lid at the top of the unit to enable easy filling. All sizes are easily mounted and demounted from trailer beds via the mounting plate.   Sizes range from 500 litre to 13,000 litres. Optional water pumps are available. 

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