Challenging Perceptions of Plastic For Transport Tanks

Challenging Perceptions Of Plastic for Transport Tanks – when looking for water bowsers for construction and agriculture there are three main tank options – steel, fibreglass and poly.  Many have the perception that polyethene is just ‘plastic’, and often used to be viewed as the less durable of the three materials, however, many users who have used the Enduramaxx transport tanks know the sturdiness and longevity of polyethene transport tanks.

Chemical Resistant Tanks

Plastic transport tanks are resistant to harsh chemicals and such as fertilisers and herbicides as well as being WRAS approved for potable drinking water.   These tanks are often used as waste tanks in construction and for transporting slurry in agriculture.

Hardwearing Tanks

Plastic transport tanks are resistant to the being used outside as they are UV stabilised and designed for many years of outside use.  We are so confident are Enduramaxx in the longevity of our tanks that we offer a solid 10-year warranty on our transport tanks.

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Virtually Unbreakable Tanks

Plastic transport tanks are very strong but are also flexible enough to avoid breakage from accidental impact. The special grade plastic we used on in these Enduramaxx Transport Tanks can handle chassis twists and turns without cracking or damage to the tank.  They are made from rotationally moulded polyethene which is virtually unbreakable.

View our 3000-litre tank mounted on a fertiliser applicator on a tractor here

Won’t Rust Or Crack

Poly transport tanks and bowsers are free from the problems associated with ageing steel or fibreglass tanks and will never be subject to rust, cracking, loose fibres or water tainting problems that can be associated with metal and fibreglass tanks.

Various Uses For These Tanks

Poly tanks are incredibly versatile and can be used for rainwater storage, irrigation systems, septic tanks, chemical and water cartage, and everything in between. Being used for foodstuffs such as molasses, emergency milk tanks, aquatics such as live fish and prawns.

Increased Payload

Due to their relatively lightweight structure, these plastic transport tanks and bowsers are easier to manoeuvre and allow you to carry greater volumes of liquid as the tanks weigh significantly less than their steel and fibreglass counterparts.

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Customisable Colours

Customisable colours are available for these tanks for corporate colours, however, black and blue tanks are generally available from stock as suitable for potable drinking water.

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Next time you’re looking for horizontal transport tanks for clean water, wastewater or liquid fertiliser transport for your sprayer, these cleverly designed poly tanks offer liquid transport contractors so much more.

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