Enduramaxx is a leading UK chemical storage tanks manufacturers based in Lincolnshire manufacturing a range of plastic tanks for chemical storage including for Admix storage tanks, acids storage, de-icer, liquid fertiliser, and chemical storage.  On these tanks’ chemical compatibility for the tanks and the fittings are essential with a  range of materials including polyethene, polypropylene and cross-link tank materials available, we can provide the right kind of solutions to fit your needs.

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Types of Chemical Storage Tanks

Chemical storage tanks are generally available in the following types.

  • Single wall chemical tanks
  • Double skin bunded tank with secondary containment
  • Chemicals Dosing Tanks & Bunds
  • Conical Chemical Tanks
  • Bespoke Rectangular Tanks

Single Skin Chemical Tanks

Examples of some of the products stored in our chemical storage tanks include sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acidsodium hypochloritesodium hydroxide, ammonia solution, ferric sulphate and chloride, aluminium sulphate and polymers

Double Skin Bunded Tank with Secondary Containment

Our range of bunded chemical storage tanks contain a minimum 110% volume of the inner tank, so simply put, a plastic bunded tank is a ‘tank within a tank’.   These chemical storage tanks with secondary containment which helps customers conform to current health and safety legislation which there more details here.

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Chemical Dosing Tanks

Enduramaxx manufacture plastic chemical dosing tanks are used as day tanks, water treatment chemicals, boiler chemicals, mixing and dosing of chemicals, performing flocculation, pH adjustments and disinfection of liquids.

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Conical Chemical Tanks

Conical tanks for storage applications and mixing applications where 100% drainage of the tank is required.   This includes foodstuffs, mixing and the storage of liquids that may contain materials prone to sludging or settling which are difficult to drain out of vertical tanks.

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Rectangular Tanks

Rectangular plastic tanks are adapted specifically to the specific requirements for indoor and outdoor installations and manufactured from polyethene or polypropylene determined by the medium and the temperature of the liquids being stored.

Choosing the right chemical tank starts with the chemical being stored.  Many will require custom solutions including mixers, liquid level sensor assemblies, and fill pipes, fitting of inlets, outlets, PN16 & ANSI flanges, welded sockets and as well as fume proof lids.  Our goal as a Chemical Storage Tank UK Manufacturer is to ensure you have the right tank for the right chemical.  For more details on plastic chemical tanks and bunded chemical storage tanks with secondary containment please get in touch today.

Enduramaxx chemical storage tank

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