Types of Industrial Storage Tanks Explained

Industrial storage tanks are storage vessels used for the storage of process water whether it be clean water or effluent/sludge, chemicals for the storage of acids, fertilisers, molasses and feedstuffs for industrial uses.  Industrial storage tanks come in different sizes and shapes as underground, horizontal and cylindrical vertical tanks.

Industrial storage tanks are categorised into several types based on what is being stored, the location where they are stored and the application, they are being used in.

The Key Types of Industrial Storage Tanks

We go over these in more details here.

Industrial Water Tanks

Our Industrial Water Tanks are available from 50 to 30,000 litres with increased wall thickness for liquids of specific gravities of 1.5 SG – 2 SG. These plastic water tanks can be customised with fittings, flanges, and pipe to suit your process water tank requirements. Being rotationally moulded and UV stabilised, these tanks are suitable for many years of use for inside and outside use.

Our industrial water range here

Plastic Water Storage Tanks

Plastic water storage tanks are used applications for cold water storage in food processing, wastewater, chemical manufacturing, agriculture, and irrigation. Plastic water tanks are specified and manufactured to suit the liquid type to be stored either as 1 sg,1 5 or 2 specific gravity depending on the liquid stored. Natural plastic used in a storage tank allows the liquid level to be visible easily.

Plastic water tank is available in various shapes –  horizontal, cylindrical, baffled and slimline.  Often these water tanks are – large (greater than 5000 litres), medium (from 1000 litres to 5000 litres), and small (less than 1000 litres).

View our water tanks range here

Balance Tanks

Balance tanks are sometimes called a constant level tank provides a constant supply of water within the system. These balance tanks are generally equipped with a float valve that controls the liquid level within the tank to keep a nearly constant uniform head pressure on the water leaving the tank.

Conical Tanks

Conical tanks are unique in that their contents discharge completely through a cone point at the centre of their base, instead of an outlet further up on the side of the tank. Their cone base and smooth internal walls ensure complete discharge. This has clear advantages for food production, manufacturing, and farming applications.  Available in sizes from 250 litres to 30,000 litres with a range of conical slopes from 5 degrees to 60 degrees for drainage, settlement, and mixing.

Our full range of conical tanks can be viewed here

Bunded Storage Tanks

Bunded Storage Tanks are used in industry for Admix, chemical storage, wastewater, de-icer, fertiliser storage as well as many other liquid and chemicals.  Bunded tanks contain a minimum 110% volume of the inner tank – simply put, a plastic bunded tank is a ‘tank within a tank’ that helps conform to current HSE health and safety legislation.

More details on our bunded tanks here

Chemical Storage Tanks with Secondary Containment

Chemical Storage Tanks have been specifically designed with pollution control in mind.  The integral bund allows for total containment ‘over the top’ discharge meaning no low-level fittings in the tank wall or requirement for a civil bund.

Dosing Tanks

Dosing tanks are used with chemical tank bunds which are larger than the volume of the chemical tank it is holding providing at least 10% of the inner tank.  The 172702 200 litre tank is designed to stand inside the 172702-Bund 220-litre bund tank which has a volume of 110% of the 200-litre dosing tank.

Our chemical dosing tanks are available from 50 litres to 1500 litres here

Mixer Tanks

Mixer tanks are available in both standard flat base and cone base versions from 250 litres to 30,000 litres.  Robust and sturdy together with quick and easy set-up, our HDPE mixer tanks are designed to last. Enduramaxx can also offer completely bespoke solutions for your facility including mixer frames, ladders, platforms, and level indication.

More details on our mixer tanks here

Custom Pickling & Plating Tanks

Custom Pickling & Plating Tanks offer excellent chemical resistance in corrosive environments where there are strong acids, organic solvents, degreasing agents, or electrolytic attack. These plastic custom plating tanks are built for the specific needs of a wide array of companies and industries and can feature various racks, bus bars, and other ancillary equipment as required.

Open Top Industrial Tanks

Open Top Industrial Tanks are used for applications such as dipping tanks, chemical plating tanks, mixing tanks for foodstuff, fertiliser, and water treatment chemicals, & secondary containment for vertical tanks (retrofit bunded tanks).  These are also popular for aquaculture industry applications include fish holding tanks and fish quarantine tanks, Koi tanks & fishponds.

Our open-top tanks are available in sizes up to 25,000 litres

Effluent / Sludge Storage Tanks

Effluent Sludge Settlement Tanks are designed tor wastewater treatment application for the storage and dewatering of sludge.  Sludge is a thick, soft mud or other viscous liquids and settled often contains various types of pathogens as well as heavy contaminants.  Sludge settlement tanks are sussed on small sewage treatment plants, the concentration of food and agricultural waste for anaerobic digestion, water reuse on effluent treatment plants and concentration of apple mulch after cider fermentation.

View our effluent/sludge conical tanks here

Rectangular Plastic Tanks

Our bespoke rectangular plastic tanks are adapted specifically to the specific requirements for indoor and outdoor installation.  These tanks are manufactured in polyethene or polypropylene determined by the medium and the temperature of the liquids being stored.

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