New Chemical Dosing Tanks, Day Tanks & Bunds

New Chemical Dosing Tank Range – if you are storing hazardous chemicals, your chemical tank must have containment barrier. If a leak occurs, the containment will prevent the chemical from meeting the environment and your employees.

Enduramaxx’s new chemical dosing tank range is designed for use in process water treatment, water treatment, wastewater treatment swimming pool chemical storage applications. These tanks are rotationally moulded from in chemically resistant PE (Polyethylene) or PP (Polypropylene) and are WRAS approved and food-grade material in black, natural, and blue. Each of the sizes is available with a secondary containment bund which contains 110% of the volume of the corresponding chemical tan providing a containment area in case a tank, pump or associated fitting should fail.

For our large chemical storage application, we chemical storage tanks where the volume is greater than 1000 Litres, we manufacture secondary chemical containment bunds. These can be as rectangular open bunded of round double wall tanks. These double skinned, double confined or self-contained tank chemical tanks are manufactured to the storage volume required and put into a bund to hold the stored liquid should the tank become compromised. The HSE’s advise is available here.

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Enduramaxx Dosing Tank Range

Our range of chemical dosing tanks are manufactured in food grade and Wras Approved MDPE and are available as a natural translucent tank or opaque black tanks.   Both colours are UV stabilised.  Natural chemical dosing tanks enable the contents of the tank to be seen through the tank wall reducing the need for level gauges.  Black tanks generally used for chemicals that are affected by UV radiation.

Our dosing tank sizes range from 50 litres to 1500 litres.

The dosing tanks have a raised flat section for mounting mixers, dosing pumps or flanges for ultrasonic level gauges. Mixer mounting plates are available for each size of the tank here. Examples of chemicals that can be stored in these types of tanks are; Caustic Soda, Hydrochloric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, Sodium hydroxide, Aluminium sulphate and Polymers.

These chemical dosing tanks can be customised with flanges, flanges, mushroom vents, overflows to be used as process vessels or mixer tanks where reagents such as PAC Ferric sulphate and chloride for water treatment of effluent treatment plant.

Our Chemical Storage Bunds

Chemical resistant bunds are available for chemical dosing tanks which contains a minimum of 110% capacity. As these bunds are open top it recommended these are for internal use so as rain cannot fill the bund and comprises the volume of the bund.

The chemical storage bunds are as follows:

Bunded Acid and Chemical Tanks

We manufacture a range of large tanks for chemical storage for water treatment and effluent treatment. These contain a minimum 110% volume of the inner tank, so simply put, a plastic bunded tank is a ‘tank within a tank’. Examples of chemicals that can be stored in these types of tanks are; Sulphuric acidCaustic Soda, Hydrochloric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, Sodium hydroxide, PAC Ferric sulphate and chloride, Aluminium sulphate and Polymers

Bunded Day Tanks

Plastic chemical dosing tanks are manufactured for use as day tanks, storage of water treatment chemicals, boiler chemicals, mixing and dosing of chemicals, ph adjustments, disinfection liquids and swimming pool chemicals.

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