Enduramaxx Chemical Core Products Tank Range

Enduramaxx now lists all its core Chemical Tank Range, on our new website including the standard moulded chemical tanks, as well as our bespoke sheet, fabricated tanks.  Enduramaxx’s core Chemical Tank offering includes our latest technical sizes available, spec sheets and details on our most popular offerings and the chemical industry’s most innovative chemical storage products. We mould plastic chemical tanks at our factory in Baston, Lincolnshire and our team works closely with our clients to offer the best possible advice and solutions to ensure every project is a success.

Enduramaxx Core Chemical Tank Range features the following

·       Bulk Acid & Chemical Tanks

·       Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks

·       Chemical Dosing Tanks

·       Dosing Cabinets & Bunds

·       Conical Tanks

·       Single Chemical Tanks

Here we run over more on applications for these ranges

Bulk Acid & Chemical Tanks

Bespoke Bulk Acid & Chemical Storage Tanks – as chemical tank manufacturers, Enduramaxx offer the ability to supply bespoke storage packages based on the requirements of your application. Our sales engineers work closely with our clients to offer the best possible advice and solutions to ensure every project is a success.   These tanks are available from 150 litres to 30,000 litres as single water tanks and our sales team will work with you to make sure we have everything we need to begin working on your proposal.

View our bulk acid and chemical tank range here

Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks

Using High-Density Polyethylene or Polypropylene, we have manufactured 1,000’s of storage vessels installed in a virtually endless array of applications.  From our Ferric Chloride Tanks and Sulphuric Acid Systems to Caustic Storage, our team of design engineers are on hand to develop Plastic Storage Tank solutions to fit your situation.

View our bunded chemical storage tank range here

Chemical Dosing Tanks

Enduramaxx’s Chemical Dosing Tanks available from 50 litres to 1500 litres. Anyone who works with chemicals needs to store them safely and these moulded PE or PP Dosing Tanks are specifically designed for use within the water treatment, purification, chemical dosing, and storage applications.  Our cylindrical chemical tanks include a flat raised section shelf section which can be used to mount equipment on top of the tank. This is ideal for mounting items such as dosing pumps, industrial mixers, and instrumentation.

View our chemical dosing tank range here

Dosing Cabinets & Bunds

Enduramaxx manufactures Dosing Cabinets & Bunds from bespoke polypropylene (PP) for the water treatment industry. Polypropylene has high chemical resistance and widely used in the water treatment industry. Dosing cabinets are manufactured to suit our client’s specific requirements and can include features such as splash protection, secondary containment, enclosed pump kiosks and control panel and pipework supports.  Our full range is available here

Conical Cone Tanks

Conical Cone tanks provide the ultimate solution for applications that require complete drainage and are a necessity for efficient processing of some liquids. Using a conical tank for some applications has advantages can save money and time when compared to a flat bottom tank.  Other applications for these and cone tank advantages tanks include as a settlement tank or sludge tank.

Conical tanks are unique in that their contents discharge completely through a cone point at the centre of their base, instead of an outlet further up on the side of the tank. Their cone base and smooth internal walls ensure complete discharge. This has clear advantages for food production, manufacturing, and farming applications.

View our conical tank range here

Single Wall Chemical Tanks

Our Industrial Water & Chemical Tanks are available from 50 to 30,000 litres with increased wall thickness for storage of liquids so liquids of specific gravities of 1.5 SG – 2 SG can be stored.  These plastic chemical tanks are rotationally moulded and available in PE and PP for storage of different chemicals and UV stabilised for many years of outside use.   Examples of what can be stored on these tanks include Sulphuric acidHydrochloric acidHydrofluoric acidNitric acid, Sodium hypochloriteSodium hydroxide, Ammonia solution, Ferric sulphate and chlorideAluminium sulphate, PolymersPAC.

View our range online here

The Enduramaxx Chemical Tank Advantage

For more details on the Enduramaxx Chemical Tank Range please get in touch.  We have persons able to help you source the correct chemical tank for your application.

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