Collecting Rainwater For Gardening: Our Garden Water Tanks

Collecting Rainwater For Gardening – How do you collect rainwater and what are the benefits of rainwater for the garden?  Whether you are looking to cut back usages on mains water or simply want to save a few pounds on your water bill, collecting rainwater for gardening could be the answer for you.

Harvesting rainwater with water butts or slimline water tanks reduces your use of mains potable water from the tap.  During the summer, we all use a lot of potable drinking water for use outdoors for filling swimming pools, washing our cars and watering gardens and vegetable patches.  To make water safe for drinking it is chemically treated but not always great for your plants.

Collecting rainwater – which is naturally soft – for gardening can eliminate putting these chemicals and harmful minerals into your soil through watering.  Collecting rainwater also means you use less mains water and less money spent on your water bills and sewage bills which are often based on the amount of mains water you use.  View the Met Offices rainwater calculator here

Collecting enough water in water butts and vertical water tank also means that in the summer months with the risk of drought or water shortages, means we don’t need to choose between watering the garden or risking the plants.   Rainwater collection can reduce your bills during the rainy months as this water, with some filtration, can be used for washing the car, pressure washing and indoor uses such as water for the toilets.

What Do You Need For Rainharvesting?

Rain harvesting generally has 5 components;

  1. Catchment Surface – a roof to collect water from
  2. The water butt or water tank – to store the water
  3. The rainwater filter – required to prevent leaves and moss going into the tank
  4. Siphon Overflow – to prevent the tank overflowing and skim of floating particles such as pollen
  5. Filter or pump

By using rainwater tanks for harvesting water required no special plumbing as they are available online.  These tanks are fitted with a lid, outlet tap and rainwater filters which are sizes to the roof areas you are collecting water from.

First, you need a catchment area surface or a roof which water runs off whether it be your house, garage, or greenhouse.  Sometimes gutters will need to be reworked to bring the water down in the right place for where the tank is located.  1,000 litres of water is 1,000 kg so a good solid concrete base will be required.  A basket filter with a fine screen to keep debris, moss and leaves out of the tank is the next component of your rainwater collection system.  A filter will a removable lid of the filter makes it easier to clean and maintain.  A siphon overflow or high-level overflow will prevent the water tank overflowing and will draw floating particles such as pollen which floats on the water to the overflow.

Our Garden Rainwater Tanks

Which style rainwater tank is best – we run over the options for above ground rainwater tanks and below ground rainwater tanks:

Vertical Water Tanks

Slimline Water Tanks – these are available in sizes from 400 litres & 1000 litres

Small Vertical Water Tanks – these are available from 300 litres to 4,500 litres – with popular 1,250 litres2,000 litres and 3,000-litre sizes

Medium Vertical Water Tanks: these are available from 5,000 Litres to 10,000 litres – with popular 6,000 Litres and 7,500 Litre sizes

Large  Vertical Water Tanks – these are available from 12,000 litres to 30,000 litres – with popular 15,000 litres, 20,000 litres and 25,000 litres.

Horizontal Water Tanks

Horizontal Water Tanks – these are available from 500 litres to 5000 litres with our popular 1,500 litre, 2,000 litre and 3,000-litre sizes

Squat Water Tanks

Squat water tanks – available in 240 litres and 400 litres capacities

For more details on collecting rainwater for gardening, garden water tanks, pricing and availability please get in touch today or email us at

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