Correct Lid for Fuming Chemicals, Fume Tight Lids

Correct lid for fuming chemicals – fume proof lids are part of the storage tank systems manufactured by Enduramaxx. These lids are compatible with many different chemicals including fuming chemicals which require sealing when stored. For these chemical applications, the use of a fume tight lid is usually required, there are many applications where these may be required.  Enduramaxx manufacture fume tight lid with EPDM or Viton gaskets to ensure safe storage of chemicals.

Fume-Tight Lids For Chemical Storage

Most of the chemical storage tanks are vented to the atmosphere through a labyrinth valve in the lid or a mushroom vent. This allows the tank to be filled and emptied by a tanker or other processes without the risk of the tank imploding. Some corrosive chemicals cannot be allowed to vent in this way because they are harmful if inhaled.  Some of these chemicals create mists and can attack outside the tank.

Some Acids Must Be Stored In Sealed Tanks

Some acids such as Hydrochloric Acid, a chemical used to lower the pH of water in industrial wastewater treatment, requires a fuel proof lid. The lid is designed to protect people and the environment from harmful fumes and the chemical’s corrosive nature. The concentrated releases are called acidic mists.  Fumes from these tanks are taken away to a scrubber in which the acid gases are absorbed by a slurry mixture and react to form solid salts which are then able to be removed.

Main Types of Fume Tight Lids

There are four sizes for fume tight lids that Enduramaxx manufacture.   The 300, 400, 600 and 800mm diameter lids for the range of the chemical and bunded tanks and are welded to the tanks and with Viton or EPDM seal chemical bolts with moulded plastic heads.

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