Chemical Filling & Distribution Lines

Chemical Filling & Distribution Lines for surface treatment, suitability of tanks and pipework for this industry, including fuming chemicals.


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Chemical Filling & Distribution Lines, the surface treatment industry almost always involves the use of harmful and aggressive chemicals to obtain surface conditions and preparation. Chemical process lines require bulk additions and regular top-ups to ensure process tanks remain within specification. Enduramaxx range of chemical tanks is suitable for storage of such chemicals.  These can be fitted with flanges and fittings so these can be connected to the systems in place which limits and avoids the need of operators needing to handle chemicals.

Often dual containment pipework is used in these systems so that the harmful chemistry is adequately contained from point of discharge to point of fill. This type of pipe system generally incorporates socket fusion welding techniques on internal pipework and electrofusion for external pipework.

These pipework systems are often fitted with leak detection points along with liquid detection sensors to indicate leaks or compromise in the internal pipework. Many chemical fill and empty systems are fitted complete with automatic titration units, interfaced with chemical dosing equipment, within the plant design. Analysis equipment regularly checks the chemical concentration and depletion levels which calculates the exact volume of chemical additions required. These automatic pumps discharge a precise amount of chemical in accordance with requirements, without the need for operators having to take samples for analysis.

Key Installation Features in Chemical Distribution Lines Include.

  • Chemical day tank installation
  • Powder mixing and pumping equipment
  • Bulk storage of chemicals (IBC Stations or Bulk Acid Containers)
  • Dual containment pipework installation within the plant
  • Leak detection points interfaced with liquid detection alarms
  • Autofill and reagent dosing
  • Auto tank emptying
  • Trace heating pipework for frost protection

Health and Safety is a paramount consideration in every chemical fill and pipework installation. These tank systems always start with the Chemical Being Stored and Enduramaxx works with chemical companies and system installers to provide chemical tanks which are fit for purpose. For more details on our storage tank systems please get on touch on 01778 562810. 

Enduramaxx chemical storage tank


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