Double Confinement Chemical Dosing

Double Confinement Chemical Dosing, to increase safety of dosing systems and chemical storage on water treatment systems.


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Enduramaxx manufactures a range of Double Confinement Chemical Dosing cabinets for tanks and equipment to increase the safety of dosing systems and plant.   These are used in many applications including pH adjustment of wastewater treatment, evaporative cooling tower water dosing, chlorination of process water, polymer dosing and swimming pool water treatment.

Many of our installers fit pumps to our tanks and controllers to dose the addition of chemical reagents in their industrial process.   These are used to dose small volumes of a reagent such as concentrated acid or alkali as pumping hazardous chemicals.  Pumping chemicals under pressure is dangerous so protect personnel in the event of a chemical leak, or during maintenance programs pumps are housed in polyethene or polypropylene housings or cabinets.

Double Confinement for Chemical Dosing includes the custom made polypropylene housings.  We manufacture many options of these cabinets including features such as see-through covers, lockable lids and pump mounts.   Installers would run the dosing lines through walls to contain possible leaks within the bund. These housings can be fitted with a sensor to alarm if a liquid is detected.

We offer a number of mixers and for polymer mixing applications and coagulation applications.   Our dosing tanks are available with flat mounting shelves and fill pipes for chemical and acid filling which can be incorporated into the design of the polypropylene housing cabinets.   Pumps can be mounted to isolating for maintenance without taking the whole system out of service.  These features offer substantial benefits and are often used in pH neutralising systems dosing both acids and alkalis.   This prevents overdosing and hunting from the acid reagent to the alkali and saves wasting reagents being used to treat each other.

Double Confinement Chemical Dosing systems are important because they offer a way to contain leaks in the event of a failure with dosing process or equipment and in turn protect engineers from harmful chemical reagents.

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